Why You Can’t Join Your Friend in Elden Ring – Explained!

Why You Can’t Join Your Friend in Elden Ring – Explained!

Eagerly anticipated by gamers worldwide, Elden Ring is an upcoming action role-playing game developed by FromSoftware and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. However, many gamers have been left feeling perplexed and disappointed by the news that the game will not feature any online multiplayer modes, which means that players will not be able to join their friends in the game world. In this article, we will delve into the reasons why you can’t join your friend in Elden Ring.

What is Elden Ring?

Before we dive into the reasons behind the lack of online multiplayer in Elden Ring, let’s first take a look at what the game is all about. Elden Ring takes place in a world created by acclaimed fantasy author George R.R. Martin and is set in a vast, interconnected realm. Players take on the role of the “Tarnished,” an adventurer seeking the Elden Ring, a legendary artifact said to grant immense power to its wielder.

Why No Online Multiplayer?

Now, let’s discuss the key reasons why the developers decided not to include online multiplayer in Elden Ring. Firstly, FromSoftware traditionally focuses on single-player games, with titles like Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice boasting immersive solo experiences. Secondly, the story and setting of Elden Ring are centered around the player’s individual journey, and the developers believe that adding online multiplayer would detract from this experience.

Furthermore, FromSoftware wants to ensure that the player’s experience is consistent and predictable, which would be challenging to achieve with online multiplayer. The game’s difficulty is an essential aspect of the Elden Ring experience, and adding cooperative play could significantly impact the game’s balance and challenge. Finally, the development team has stated that they want to dedicate their resources and efforts to perfecting the single-player experience, rather than dividing their attention and resources between single and multiplayer modes.

What About Co-Op?

Many gamers have been calling for a cooperative mode in Elden Ring, which would allow them to play with a friend without disrupting the game’s narrative or balance. However, FromSoftware has confirmed that the game will not feature any cooperative gameplay modes. They stated that while cooperative play is a fun and engaging way to play games, it would detract from the single-player experience, and they want to ensure that the game is tailored to the Tarnished’s journey.


In conclusion, FromSoftware’s decision not to include online multiplayer or cooperative modes in Elden Ring has left many gamers disappointed, but it is a deliberate choice to ensure that the game’s narrative, balance, and difficulty are not compromised. As players embark on their quest to obtain the Elden Ring, they will do so alone, but with FromSoftware’s inimitable style of storytelling and immersive gameplay, they will never feel isolated or alone.


1. Will Elden Ring have any online multiplayer modes?
No, Elden Ring will not feature any online multiplayer modes.

2. Can I play cooperatively with a friend in Elden Ring?
No, cooperative play will not be available in Elden Ring.

3. Why did FromSoftware decide not to include multiplayer modes?
FromSoftware wanted to ensure that the single-player experience of Elden Ring is not disrupted, that the game is balanced and challenging, and that they could focus their efforts on perfecting the solo gameplay experience.

4. Will the lack of multiplayer modes detract from the Elden Ring experience?
The developers have stated that Elden Ring’s story and setting are centered around the player’s individual journey and including cooperative play would detract from this experience. Therefore, omitting multiplayer modes is a measured decision to support the game’s narrative and balance.

5. When will Elden Ring be released?
Elden Ring is set to release on February 25th, 2022, on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.

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