Why Won’t Your Pokemon Obey You? Exploring the Obedience Mechanism in Pokemon Games

Why Won’t Your Pokemon Obey You? Exploring the Obedience Mechanism in Pokemon Games

If you are an avid player of the Pokemon games, you may have encountered a frustrating situation where your Pokemon won’t obey you. This can happen when you try to use a move during a battle or when you try to take a certain action outside of battle, such as using an item or changing your lineup. What is the reason behind this disobedience? And how can you prevent it from happening?

In this article, we will explore the obedience mechanism in Pokemon games. We will cover its origins, how it works, and what factors can affect your Pokemon’s obedience level. Whether you are a seasoned player or a newcomer to the series, understanding this mechanic is essential for a successful journey through the world of Pokemon.

Origins of the Obedience Mechanism

The obedience mechanism was first introduced in the second generation of Pokemon games, Gold, Silver, and Crystal. In these games, if a player obtained a Pokemon that was traded from a different game, it would sometimes not obey the player’s commands. This was meant to discourage players from using Pokemon obtained from outside their game, thereby promoting trading and interaction between players.

The obedience mechanics returned in later games with slightly different rules. Pokemon that are not obeying will either attack themselves (in battle) or refuse to perform the action (outside of battle). The level of disobedience will increase as the player progresses through the game, arguably making it more difficult. So why does disobedience happen and how can you avoid it?

How the Obedience Mechanism Works

In the Pokemon games, each Pokemon has a certain level of obedience that determines how likely they are to follow the player’s commands. This obedience level is determined by several factors.

First and foremost is the level of the Pokemon. If a Pokemon is too high of a level compared to your trainer level, it may disobey. The threshold for disobedience is the same as the trainers’ highest Pokémon. So any Pokémon you catch or trade that is higher than your party leader can disobey. To solve this, you can either level up your trainer rank or reduce the level of your Pokemon by allowing them to faint or using a Rare Candy.

Another factor that can affect obedience is how recently you caught or traded the Pokemon. Newly caught or traded Pokemon are more likely to disobey, as they have not yet formed a strong bond with their new trainer. You can increase your Pokemon’s obedience level by keeping them in your party and using them in battles.

Lastly, the badges you earned as a trainer can affect the obedience level of your Pokemon. Obtaining gym badges increases the obedience level limit, making it less likely that your Pokemon will disobey. A Pokemon with higher level obedience will still occasionally disobey though.


Q: Can all Pokemon disobey or only ones from other games?
A: All Pokemon can disobey if they don’t respect the trainer.

Q: Can obedience be decreased?
A: Yes, after each disobedience penalty is given – the shorter the time you have a pokemon in your party, the less obedience that is.

Q: Do disobedient Pokemon also refuse to evolve?
A: No, disobedience is separate from evolution in Pokemon games.

Q: Can Pokemon go rogue and attack other members of my party if they disobey?
A: This is a common myth, but it is not true. Pokemon will either attack themselves or refuse to perform an action when disobeying.

Q: Is there any way to guarantee 100% obedience?
A: The only way to achieve 100% obedience is to catch every Pokemon yourself at a lower level so it has to obey you to use its more powerful moves.


The obedience mechanism is an important part of Pokemon games. Understanding why disobedience can occur and how to prevent it will make your journey much smoother. Remember to level up, keep Pokemon in your party, and earn gym badges to increase obedience. There is no guarantee of 100% obedience, but by following these steps, you can minimize your frustration and enjoy your Pokemon journey to the fullest.

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