Why Won’t Your Pokemon Obey? Understanding the Reasons Behind Disobedience

Title: Why Won’t Your Pokemon Obey? Understanding the Reasons Behind Disobedience

If you have played the popular video game series, Pokemon, you would have come across a scenario where your Pokemon refuses to obey your commands during battles. This disobedience can be frustrating, especially when you have put in a lot of time and effort in training them. So why won’t your Pokemon obey? Let’s take a closer look at the reasons behind disobedience.

1. Insufficient Gym Badges

In the Pokemon games, you must collect a certain number of gym badges before you can control higher-level Pokemon. If you try to command a Pokemon with a higher level than allowed, it may not obey your orders. This disobedience is a way of the game indicating that you need to play more to collect more badges and increase your experience.

2. Lack of Trust and Respect

If you catch a Pokemon that is not wild, the Pokemon may not obey your commands initially. This disobedience is due to a lack of trust and respect between you and your Pokemon. You can increase your Pokemon’s respect for you by winning battles, providing treats, playing with them, and taking them to the Pokecenter. Over time, your Pokemon will learn to trust and respect you, and disobedience will become less common.

3. Overlevelling

When you overlevel your Pokemon by excessively using a Pokemon in battles, disobedience can occur. Overpowered Pokemon can become disobedient, which is frustrating for many players. To prevent disobedience, avoid using one Pokemon repeatedly in battles, and instead, rotate between Pokemon regularly.

4. The Wrong Nature and Personality

Each Pokemon has its own unique personality, which affects its behavior in battle. For example, if the personality is adamant, the Pokemon will focus on attack and may disobey commands that involve defense, evasion, or healing. Take the time to learn your Pokemon’s unique personality and use it to your advantage in battle.

5. Lack of Experience

Newly caught Pokemon or Pokemon that have not been used much in battles may not obey your commands. This disobedience is due to a lack of experience, and the solution is to spend more time playing and fighting battles.

6. Confusion

Some attacks, such as confusion or the move attract, can make your Pokemon disobey your commands. These attacks temporarily disrupt your Pokemon’s concentration, causing confusion and disobedience. The solution is to be prepared by carrying items like berries that help cure confusion.

7. The Opponent’s Moves

Your opponent’s moves and status can also lead to disobedience from your Pokemon. For example, the effect of the move taunt forces your Pokemon to use a damaging move, even if it is not ideal. This disobedience can be countered using a move like heal bell, which has the ability to cure your Pokemon of any affected status.

In conclusion, disobedience in Pokemon is common, and many factors can cause it. The game uses disobedience as a way to teach players various lessons about trust, respect, and experience. Therefore, if you’re finding yourself struggling with disobedience, take a break and try to think of ways to improve your Pokemon’s trust in you.


1. Can disobedience be permanent?

No. Disobedience is temporary, and it can be solved by taking the right course of action, such as increasing your Pokemon’s trust in you.

2. Can disobedience be avoided altogether?

Disobedience is an integral part of the Pokemon game, and it cannot be avoided. However, by following certain strategies, disobedience can be minimized.

3. How does overlevelling cause disobedience?

Overlevelling causes disobedience because it makes the Pokemon too powerful and overreliant on particular moves.

4. How do I gain more trust and respect from my Pokemon?

You can gain the trust and respect of your Pokemon by winning battles, providing treats, playing with them, and taking them to the Pokecenter.

5. How do I cure confusion and other affected status?

You can carry items like berries, which have the ability to cure confusion and other affected statuses. You can also use moves like heal bell to counter your opponent’s moves.

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