Why Won’t My Pokemon Obey? Understanding Disobedience in Pokemon

Why Won’t My Pokemon Obey? Understanding Disobedience in Pokemon

If you’re an avid Pokemon trainer, you may have experienced a frustrating situation where your Pokemon refuses to follow your commands. This disobedience can happen even when your Pokemon is at a high level and has a strong bond with you. So, why won’t your Pokemon obey? Let’s take a closer look at disobedience in Pokemon and what it means for your training.

What is Disobedience in Pokemon?

Disobedience is a mechanic in Pokemon games that limits the control a trainer has over their Pokemon. Essentially, disobedience occurs when a Pokemon doesn’t follow a trainer’s command in battle. This disobedience can happen for a variety of reasons, but the most common is that a trainer has obtained a Pokemon beyond their level of experience.

In the Pokemon games, disobedience is represented by a message that appears on the screen when a disobedient Pokemon doesn’t follow a command. The message reads, “Pokemon X ignored your command!” followed by an explanation of why the disobedience occurred.

Why Does Disobedience Happen?

Disobedience in Pokemon can happen for a range of reasons, and not all disobedience is bad. For example, disobedience can occur when you’re trying to catch a wild Pokemon. In this instance, the disobedience adds an exciting element to the game, making it more challenging to catch Pokemon.

However, disobedience can become a problem when it happens during battle. If your Pokemon is disobeying your commands during an important battle, it can be frustrating and disheartening. So, what causes a Pokemon to disobey?

One of the most common reasons for disobedience is that a Pokemon’s level is too high for its trainer. Each Pokemon species has a level requirement for a trainer to control them. If a trainer’s level is too low, their Pokemon may disobey. Additionally, if a Pokemon’s happiness is low, they may disobey. The more a trainer interacts with their Pokemon, the happier the Pokemon will be, and the less likely it is to disobey.

Another reason for disobedience could be that the Pokemon is holding an item that conflicts with the command. For example, if a Pokemon holds a King’s Rock, it may flinch when commanded to use an attack. Finally, a Pokemon may also disobey if it becomes confused during a battle.

How to Fix Disobedience

Fortunately, there are ways to fix disobedience in Pokemon. The most effective way to prevent disobedience is to ensure that your trainer level is high enough to control your Pokemon. Additionally, regularly interacting with your Pokemon by feeding them, playing with them, and having them groomed at a Pokemon Center can improve their happiness.

If your Pokemon is holding an item that’s causing disobedience, remove the item before the battle. You can also use a Persim Berry to eliminate confusion in your Pokemon. Finally, if all else fails, consider trading your disobedient Pokemon away to another trainer. This will reset the Pokemon’s happiness and should fix any disobedience issues.


Disobedience in Pokemon can be frustrating for a trainer. Whether you’re trying to catch wild Pokemon or battling in a gym, disobedience can be a barrier to success. However, by understanding the causes of disobedience and taking steps to improve trainer level and Pokemon happiness, trainers can overcome disobedience and build strong bonds with their Pokemon.


1. Can disobedience happen with all Pokemon species?
Disobedience can happen with any Pokemon species, although it’s more common with high-level or legendary Pokemon.

2. Can disobedience occur outside of battle?
No, disobedience only occurs during a battle.

3. What happens to a disobedient Pokemon during a battle?
If a disobedient Pokemon doesn’t follow a command, it will simply take its turn without using its designated move.

4. Can you train a disobedient Pokemon?
Yes, you can train a disobedient Pokemon if you improve your trainer level and increase the Pokemon’s happiness.

5. Will trading a disobedient Pokemon fix the issue?
Yes, trading a disobedient Pokemon away will reset its happiness and should eliminate any disobedience issues.

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