Why Won’t My Pokemon Obey? Understanding and Overcoming Disobedience in Game Play

Why Won’t My Pokemon Obey? Understanding and Overcoming Disobedience in Game Play
As fun and exciting as it is to collect, train, and battle with Pokemon, disobedience can be a frustrating issue to deal with. Whether you’re a casual player, a seasoned trainer, or a competitive battler, disobedient Pokemon can ruin your experience, make battles more difficult, and even lead to defeat. So, why won’t your Pokemon obey? And how can you overcome this problem? In this article, we’ll explore the reasons behind disobedience in Pokemon and provide tips and solutions for improving your gameplay.

Reasons for Disobedience
Before we can address the problem of disobedience, we need to understand why it happens in the first place. There are several reasons why a Pokemon might disobey its trainer:

– Low Trainer ID: Each Pokemon has a specific obedience level that corresponds to its trainer’s ID number. If your trainer ID is lower than the obedience level of your Pokemon, it may disobey you in battle.
– High Level: If your Pokemon is at a higher level than your trainer, it may disobey your commands.
– Friendship Level: Some Pokemon require a certain level of trust and friendship with their trainer in order to obey commands. If your Pokemon’s friendship level isn’t high enough, it may disobey you.
– Badges: In the main series games, certain badges are required in order to command Pokemon of a certain level or trade origin. If you don’t have the appropriate badge, your Pokemon may disobey you.
– Moves: Some moves, such as Swagger, can cause confusion and cause a Pokemon to disobey its trainer.
– Personality: Some Pokemon, especially those with stubborn or aggressive personalities, may disobey orders more often than others.

Overcoming Disobedience
Now that we know why disobedience happens, let’s look at some ways to overcome it:

– Increase Friendship Level: Spend time with your Pokemon, feed it berries, and use it in battles to increase its friendship level. This will make it more likely to obey your commands.
– Use Gym Badges: Make sure you have the appropriate badges to command your Pokemon in battles. If you don’t, try to earn them by challenging gyms and trainers.
– Lower Level: If your Pokemon is at a higher level than your trainer, try using lower-level Pokemon in battle until your trainer level catches up.
– Use Berries or Items: Certain berries and items, such as the Soothe Bell and the Luxury Ball, can increase your Pokemon’s friendship level and obedience.
– Build Trust: Be a good trainer by treating your Pokemon well and praising it when it obeys. This will build trust and make your Pokemon more willing to obey.
– Train Skills: If your Pokemon is disobedient because it doesn’t know the right moves or has a negative personality trait, try training it in the appropriate skills or using items that can change its nature.

In conclusion, disobedience in Pokemon can be a frustrating issue, but it’s not insurmountable. By understanding the reasons behind disobedience and taking steps to overcome it, you can improve your gameplay and enjoy your Pokemon experience to the fullest. Remember to build trust with your Pokemon, use the right items and training methods, and always strive to be the best trainer you can be.

1. How do I know if my Pokemon’s obedience level is higher than my trainer ID?
You can check your Pokemon’s obedience level by viewing its summary page. If its level exceeds the badge threshold or your trainer ID, it may disobey you in battle.
2. Can I use items to increase my Pokemon’s obedience?
Yes, certain items such as the Soothe Bell and the Luxury Ball can increase your Pokemon’s friendship level and obedience.
3. What if my Pokemon is disobedient because of its nature?
You can use items such as the Everstone to prevent your Pokemon from evolving and changing its nature, or use training methods to counteract its negative personality traits.
4. Can all disobedient Pokemon be trained to obey?
While some Pokemon may be more stubborn or difficult to train than others, with the right techniques and patience, most disobedience issues can be overcome.
5. Can I trade disobedient Pokemon to another trainer?
Yes, trading a disobedient Pokemon to another trainer can sometimes help improve its obedience, especially if the new trainer has a higher trainer ID or better friendship level with the Pokemon.

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