Why Won’t My Pokemon Obey? The Troubling Truth Behind Disobedience in Pokemon Games

As a Pokemon trainer, one of the most frustrating experiences is when your beloved Pokemon refuses to obey your commands. After all the effort put into training and bonding with them, such disobedience can leave you scratching your head and wondering why it’s happening. In this article, we’ll explore the reasons behind disobedience in Pokemon games and what you can do to get your Pokemon to follow your orders.

Understanding Disobedience in Pokemon Games

First, it’s important to understand the concept of obedience in Pokemon games. Each Pokemon has a certain level of obedience, which is determined by the number of gym badges you’ve earned. The more badges you have, the higher the level of obedience your Pokemon will have. However, there are certain instances where your Pokemon may disobey even if they have a high level of obedience.

One reason for disobedience is when your Pokemon’s level is too high. If you try to command a Lv.60 Pokemon with a Lv.10 trainer, the Pokemon may disobey because it doesn’t respect your authority. In such cases, the Pokemon will not carry out your order and will use a move of its own choosing instead.

Another factor that affects disobedience is your Pokemon’s nature. Every Pokemon has a unique nature that affects its stats and behavior. Some natures make your Pokemon more likely to disobey, even if they have a high level of obedience. Such Pokemon may be more difficult to train and require more patience and discipline.

Finally, there’s the issue of affection. In Pokemon games like Sun and Moon, affection plays a crucial role in obedience. If your Pokemon has high affection towards you, it will be more likely to obey your commands, even if it’s at a low level. However, if your Pokemon has low affection, it may disobey you, especially in critical battles.

How to Get Your Pokemon to Obey

Now that we’ve explored the reasons behind disobedience, let’s look at some tips to get your Pokemon to obey you.

1. Earn Gym Badges – As mentioned earlier, gym badges are essential to raising your Pokemon’s level of obedience. Make sure you have enough badges before commanding your Pokemon to carry out challenging tasks.

2. Pay attention to your Pokemon’s level – If your Pokemon’s level is too high, consider releasing it temporarily or retraining it at a lower level so that it will respect you as a trainer.

3. Work on building affection- You can build affection with your Pokemon through playing with them, feeding them, and petting them. This will create a stronger bond between you and your Pokemon, which will translate to higher obedience.

4. Be patient- Some Pokemon will simply take longer to train than others. Be patient with your Pokemon and don’t give up on them. Training them to obey will require persistence and discipline.

In Conclusion

Disobedience in Pokemon games can be a frustrating experience, but it’s important to understand the reasons behind it. By taking steps to build affection, earn gym badges, and work on discipline, you can improve your chances of success in training your Pokemon to obey. Remember, patience and persistence are the key to success in the world of Pokemon!


1. Do all Pokemon obey their trainers?

Not necessarily. Pokemon have different levels of obedience, which are determined by the number of gym badges you have. However, factors like level, nature, and affection can also affect obedience.

2. How do I increase my Pokemon’s affection?

You can increase affection by playing with your Pokemon, feeding them, petting them, and winning battles together.

3. What happens when a Pokemon disobeys in battle?

When a Pokemon disobeys, it may not carry out the command you give it and may use a move of its own choosing instead. In critical battles, this can result in defeat.

4. How do I fix disobedience in my Pokemon?

You can fix disobedience by working on building affection, earning gym badges, and being patient with your Pokemon. It may take time and discipline, but with persistence, your Pokemon will learn to obey.

5. Can disobedience be a sign of a problem with my Pokemon’s health?

Not necessarily. Disobedience is usually a result of factors like level, nature, or affection. However, if your Pokemon is frequently disobeying and showing other signs of illness or distress, it may be worth consulting a veterinarian.

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