Why Won’t My Pokemon Obey? The Surprising Reasons Behind Disobedient Pokemon

As a Pokemon trainer, few things are more frustrating than a disobedient Pokemon. You’ve trained and cared for them, but suddenly they refuse to follow your commands. It can be confusing and disheartening. Fortunately, disobedience is not inevitable in the world of Pokemon. There are a variety of reasons why a Pokemon may refuse to obey its trainer, and with some patience and understanding, the problem can often be resolved.

One of the most common reasons why a Pokemon may disobey is due to its level. In the Pokemon franchise, each Pokemon has a certain level, which determines its strengths and abilities. If a trainer’s level is lower than the Pokemon they are trying to command, the Pokemon may refuse to obey. This is a feature designed to encourage players to level up their Pokemon and become more skilled trainers. So while it may be frustrating in the moment, it’s actually an important part of the game’s mechanics.

Another reason why a Pokemon may disobey is due to its mood. After all, even the most obedient Pokemon have off days. If a Pokemon is feeling unhappy or stressed, it may not be in the right frame of mind to follow commands. This can be addressed by giving the Pokemon some attention and care, such as by grooming them, feeding them their favorite treats, or taking them on a walk. By making the Pokemon feel valued and appreciated, they are more likely to respond positively to training.

Environmental factors can also play a role in a Pokemon’s obedience. For example, if a Pokemon is facing an opponent who is using a type of move that the Pokemon is weak against, they may become intimidated and refuse to obey. Changing up the training environment or battling styles can help overcome this issue. Additionally, certain Pokemon are more comfortable in certain types of terrain or during certain times of day. By being aware of these factors and accommodating for them, trainers can help their Pokemon feel more at ease and willing to follow commands.

Another reason why a Pokemon may disobey is due to lack of trust in the trainer. This can happen if the trainer has been too harsh with the Pokemon in the past, or if the Pokemon has been neglected or mistreated in some way. In order to address this issue, it’s important for the trainer to establish trust through positive reinforcement and consistent care. By being patient and compassionate with the Pokemon, and rewarding good behavior with treats or extra attention, the Pokemon can learn to trust the trainer and become more willing to follow commands.

Finally, certain Pokemon have unique qualities that can affect their obedience. For example, some legendary Pokemon are known for being difficult to control, while others may have a stubborn streak. It’s important for trainers to research their Pokemon’s specific characteristics and be patient as they navigate any challenges that may arise.

In conclusion, there are a variety of reasons why a Pokemon may disobey its trainer. From differences in levels to environmental factors, each situation is unique and requires patience and understanding to resolve. By being attentive to the needs and emotions of the Pokemon, and establishing trust through positive reinforcement, trainers can help their Pokemon become more obedient and loyal companions. So keep your head up, and know that with some time and attention, even the most disobedient Pokemon can become loyal and reliable teammates.


1. Can disobedient Pokemon be traded to another trainer to fix the issue?

While trading a disobedient Pokemon can sometimes help, it’s important to remember that the underlying issue may still exist. The new trainer may still face the same challenges in getting the Pokemon to obey.

2. Can using items like Rare Candies help increase a Pokemon’s level and improve obedience?

While Rare Candies can help increase a Pokemon’s level, it’s important to remember that level alone is not the only factor in obedience. Other issues, such as mood and trust, may still need to be addressed.

3. Are there any Pokemon who are naturally more obedient than others?

Not necessarily. While certain Pokemon may have unique characteristics that affect obedience, any Pokemon can become obedient with proper training and care.

4. Can using harsh commands or punishments help increase a Pokemon’s obedience?

No. Using harsh language or punishments can actually further damage the trust between the Pokemon and trainer, making the disobedience worse.

5. Are there any situations where disobedience is unavoidable?

In some cases, disobedience may be a natural part of a Pokemon’s personality or abilities. However, even in these situations, there are often ways to work around the disobedience and still build a strong bond between the Pokemon and trainer.

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