Why Won’t My Pokemon Obey? Solving the Mystery of Disobedience in Pokemon Battles

As a Pokemon trainer, you might have experienced this frustrating situation where your Pokemon won’t obey your commands during a battle. Even after you spent hours training them and earning their trust, they simply ignore your orders and act on their whims. This behavior can lead to losing battles and a dent in your reputation. So, what could be causing this mystery of disobedience in Pokemon battles? In this article, we will explore the reasons behind this behavior and provide solutions to get your Pokemon back in line.

What is Pokemon disobedience?

Before we dive into the causes of disobedience, let’s define the term. Pokemon disobedience refers to a scenario where a Pokemon refuses to follow a trainer’s orders during a battle. This disobedience might occur even when the trainer has earned all the badges required to command that level of Pokemon.

What causes Pokemon disobedience?

Several factors could cause disobedience in Pokemon battles, and these include:

1. Lack of trust: In the Pokemon world, trust is a vital component of every battle. If a trainer has not spent enough time with a Pokemon, the Pokemon might not trust the trainer and refuse to follow orders.

2. Over-dependence on items: Many trainers rely heavily on items such as X Attack, X Defense, and Rare Candies, among others, to boost their Pokemon’s stats. While these items can be helpful, overusing them can affect your Pokemon’s performance and make them disobedient.

3. Overleveling: When a trainer overlevels a Pokemon by frequently using it, the Pokemon may become disobedient. This disobedience occurs as a result of the Pokemon feeling overworked and not having enough time to rest.

4. Nature: Every Pokemon in the game has a unique nature that affects its behavior. If a Pokemon has a stubborn nature, it might disobey commands and do what it wishes.

5. Status conditions: When a Pokemon is afflicted with a status condition such as confusion, sleep, paralysis, or frozen, it won’t follow orders but might instead take random actions.

How to solve disobedience in Pokemon battles

Now that we know the causes of disobedience let’s explore ways to solve it:

1. Build trust with your Pokemon: Spend time with your Pokemon, play games, and feed it berries. These activities help build trust and increase your Pokemon’s loyalty to you.

2. Avoid over-reliance on items: Instead of overusing items, constant training with the Pokemon is a better option. It helps the Pokemon develop effectively and helps avoid disobedience in battle.

3. Rotation of Pokemon: Overusing a single Pokemon leads to overleveling, and eventually, disobedience in battle. Avoid this by rotating your Pokemon regularly to give them time to rest.

4. Choose the right nature of Pokemon: To avoid disobedience caused by stubbornness or other negative natures, it’s essential to choose Pokemon with positive and supportive natures.

5. Heal status conditions: Status conditions affect Pokemon behavior, so it’s essential to heal them as quickly as possible using items such as Full Heal or specific moves such as Heal Bell.


While disobedience in Pokemon battles can be frustrating for a trainer, there are ways to manage it effectively. By building trust with your Pokemon, avoiding overreliance on items, proper rotation of Pokemon, choosing the right nature, and healing status conditions, you can reduce disobedience and enjoy successful battles with your Pokemon.


1. Can disobedient Pokemon still evolve?

Yes, disobedient Pokemon can still evolve regardless of their disobedience level. However, evolving a disobedient Pokemon might be challenging since they might ignore the commands necessary for evolution.

2. Can disobedience be a sign of sickness or injury?

Not always. While disobedience can be a sign of an underlying issue, such as a sickness or injury, it can also occur due to various other factors, such as trust issues or overdependence on items.

3. Can disobedient Pokemon be traded to other trainers?

Yes, you can trade disobedient Pokemon to other trainers. Disobedience is not a permanent attribute in Pokemon, and a new trainer might be able to build trust and eliminate disobedience.

4. Can disobeyed moves be relearned?

Yes, if a Pokemon forgets any moves due to disobedience, they can be retaught from the move reminder in the game.

5. How long does it take to build trust with a Pokemon?

The time it takes to build trust with a Pokemon varies. In some cases, it might take just a few training sessions or battles, while in other cases, it might require weeks or even months. It depends on several factors, such as the Pokemon’s nature, the trainer’s actions, and the Pokemon’s level.

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