Why Won’t My Pokémon Obey Me? Discover the Fascinating Science Behind Pokémon’s Disobedience.

Why Won’t My Pokémon Obey Me? Discover the Fascinating Science Behind Pokémon’s Disobedience.

As a Pokémon trainer, nothing is more frustrating than commanding your Pokémon to perform a certain move, only to have it disobey your orders. It’s easy to feel like your Pokémon just doesn’t listen to you. But what causes disobedience in Pokémon, and is there anything you can do to prevent it? In this article, we’ll explore the fascinating science behind Pokémon’s disobedience and provide some strategies for increasing obedience levels.

What Is Pokémon’s Obedience Level?

Before we dive into the causes of disobedience, let’s first define what obedience level is. Every Pokémon in the game has an obedience level, which determines the likelihood of it obeying your commands. This obedience level is calculated based on the difference between the trainer’s badge level and the Pokémon’s level. For example, if your Pokémon is at a lower level than your badge level, it may disobey your commands more often.

Now that we’ve defined obedience level, let’s explore why Pokémon disobey their trainers.

Causes of Pokémon Disobedience

1. High Level

One of the most common causes of disobedience is a Pokémon’s level. If your Pokémon’s level is higher than your badge level, it may be less likely to obey your commands. This is because it thinks it knows better than you do, and it’s not afraid to show it.

2. Lack of Trust

Trust is a critical component of any trainer-Pokémon relationship. If your Pokémon doesn’t trust you, it may be less likely to obey your commands. This lack of trust can stem from a variety of issues, including neglect, abuse, or just general mistreatment.

3. Status Conditions

Certain status conditions, such as confusion, sleep, or paralysis, can also cause Pokémon to disobey their trainers. This is because these conditions can affect a Pokémon’s mental state, making it more difficult for it to follow orders.

4. Lack of Badges

As mentioned earlier, a trainer’s badges can have a significant impact on obedience levels. If you don’t have enough badges, your Pokémon may not respect you as a trainer, leading to disobedience.

5. Personality Quirks

Just like humans, each Pokémon has its own unique personality quirks. Sometimes, these quirks can manifest as disobedience. For example, a stubborn Pokémon may be less likely to take commands from its trainer.

How to Increase Obedience Levels

Now that we understand the causes of disobedience, let’s explore some strategies for increasing obedience levels.

1. Build Trust

One of the most effective ways to increase obedience is to build trust with your Pokémon. Take the time to bond with your Pokémon, and show it that you’re a responsible, caring trainer. This can be achieved through activities like playing with your Pokémon, giving it treats, and spending time training it.

2. Use Strength-enhancing Items

Certain items, such as Protein, Iron, and Carbos, can be used to increase your Pokémon’s stats, making it more likely to obey your commands. These items can be found throughout the game, and can be a valuable tool in increasing obedience levels.

3. Status Condition Prevention

To prevent status conditions from impacting obedience levels, it’s essential to keep your Pokémon in good health. Regularly heal any status conditions, and avoid battles that could result in your Pokémon being confused, sleep, or paralyzed.

4. Gain More Badges

As mentioned earlier, badges play a significant role in increasing obedience levels. Take the time to earn more badges, and your Pokémon will be more likely to obey your commands.

5. Be Patient

Finally, it’s essential to be patient when it comes to increasing obedience levels. Remember that your Pokémon is an individual, with its own unique personality quirks and challenges. With time, patience, and dedication, you can overcome disobedience issues and build a stronger bond with your Pokémon.


In conclusion, disobedience is a common issue in the world of Pokémon. While there are numerous causes of disobedience, there are also several strategies for increasing obedience levels. By building trust, using strength-enhancing items, preventing status conditions, earning more badges, and being patient, you can increase your Pokémon’s obedience levels and build a stronger bond with your team. So next time your Pokémon disobeys your command, remember that there are always ways to improve obedience levels and build a stronger trainer-Pokémon relationship.


1. Can disobedience affect my Pokémon’s performance in battle?
Yes, disobedience can impact your Pokémon’s ability to perform certain moves, making it more challenging to win battles.

2. Can any Pokémon disobey their trainers?
Yes, any Pokémon can disobey their trainer, although disobedience is more common in certain Pokémon than others.

3. How long does it take to build trust with a Pokémon?
The length of time it takes to build trust will vary depending on the Pokémon and its personality. However, with time, patience, and dedication, you can establish a strong bond with your Pokémon.

4. Are there any other benefits to increasing obedience levels?
Yes, increasing obedience levels can result in better performance in battles, as well as a stronger trainer-Pokémon relationship.

5. Can I use cheats to increase obedience levels?
Using cheats to increase obedience levels is not recommended, as it can harm the game’s integrity and ruin the experience for other players. Instead, focus on building trust and using legitimate strategies to increase obedience levels.

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