Why Won’t My Pokemon Listen? The Truth About Disobedience

Why Won’t My Pokemon Listen? The Truth About Disobedience

Pokémon is a world of imagination and endless possibilities. Fans from all around the globe have been enchanted by the game’s iconic characters and engaging gameplay for years. But what happens when your Pokémon suddenly stops listening to you? Why won’t they follow commands? In this article, we will explore the reasons why your Pokémon may be disobeying you.

Understanding the Mechanism of Obedience

To understand disobedience in Pokémon, we need to first understand the game’s mechanics. In Pokémon, trainers can give orders to their Pokémon in combat, such as to use a specific move or to switch to another Pokémon. These orders are called “commands.”

Pokémon have different levels of obedience, which indicate their willingness to follow a trainer’s commands. The higher the level of obedience, the more likely a Pokémon is to follow its trainer’s orders. However, if a Pokémon’s obedience level is low, it may disobey its trainer’s commands.

Obedience level is usually determined by a Pokémon’s happiness, which is affected by many factors, including how often the Pokémon is used in battles, if it is given enough food and rest, and if it is wearing a happy friendship-boosting item like the Soothe Bell.

Reasons for Disobedience

Now that we understand the mechanics of obedience, let’s explore some reasons why your Pokémon may be disobeying you.

1. Low Obedience Level

As discussed, high obedience levels are crucial for a Pokémon to follow its trainer’s commands. If a Pokémon’s disobedience is due to low obedience levels, the best solution is to increase the Pokémon’s happiness by giving it love and care.

2. High Level of Opponent Pokemon

The level of opponents’ Pokémon also matters in battles. If the opponent’s Pokémon has a higher level than your Pokémon, it may be more difficult to land moves on your Pokémon.

In that case, you can level up your Pokémon by battling with Gym Leaders and Elite Four, catching other wild Pokemon, and using Pokemon Exp. Share that will make all Pokemon in the switching party gain some amount of experience even when a single Pokemon fights in battle.

3. Physical Status of your Pokémon

Additionally, your Pokémon may disobey you depending on its physical status. If your Pokémon is paralyzed, burned, frozen, or poisoned, it may become harder to control.

You can counter these effects by using healing items like potions, berries, and antidotes in the middle of battles or training. Make sure you always carry these items with you.

4. Badge levels

Another important factor that affects obedience in battles is the number of badges you have obtained. As you proceed through the game, you will earn badges after defeating Gym Leaders. Each badge has a level requirement for Pokémon to obey, so if you have fewer badges, your Pokémon may disobey your orders.

5. Evolution and Loyalty change

Sometimes, disobedience may occur when a Pokémon evolves, or when it’s displeased by its trainer. Pokémon turned out stronger after evolution, but can become more disobedient after evolving since they develop a new attitude and they need some time to get adjusted to the new form.


In conclusion, Pokémon disobedience is a common issue in the game, and there can be many reasons behind it. As a trainer, it is crucial to take care of your Pokémon, keep them happy, and level them up by battling and obtaining badges. Remember to keep healing items handy and tackle your next battle with confidence. Understanding the mechanics of obedience and disobedience will help you be a better trainer to your Pokémon.


1. Can all types of Pokemon obey their trainers?

Yes, all Pokemon can obey their trainers, but the level of obedience can vary from Pokémon to Pokémon based on their happiness level and badge levels.

2. How can we increase our Pokemon’s happiness level?

You can increase your Pokemon’s happiness level by giving them love and care and using friendship-boosting items like the Soothe Bell.

3. Should we use healing items or take our Pokemon to a Pokemon Center between battles?

If your Pokemon is hurt, it is recommended to use a healing item right away. However, if it’s tired and needs rest, it’s best to take it to a Pokemon Center.

4. Does the disobedience level of a Pokemon remain the same throughout the game?

No, the disobedience level can increase or decrease based on a Pokemon’s happiness, badge levels, and other factors.

5. Will Pokemon continue to disobey even after evolving?

It is possible for Pokemon to disobey after evolving, but it ultimately depends on their personality and how their behavior changes after evolving.

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