Why Pokemon Don’t Obey: The Hidden Mechanics Behind Disobedience in Pokemon Games

Why Pokemon Don’t Obey: The Hidden Mechanics Behind Disobedience in Pokemon Games

Have you ever been in a battle with your Pokemon, only for them to ignore your commands and act on their own? This can be a frustrating experience for any trainer, but it’s a common occurrence in the Pokemon games. So, why do Pokemon sometimes disobey their trainers, and what can you do to prevent it?

The answer lies in the hidden mechanics behind disobedience in Pokemon games. In this article, we’ll explore these mechanics and give you tips on how to keep your Pokemon under control.

Understanding Disobedience

Before we dive into the mechanics, it’s important to understand what disobedience is in the Pokemon games. Disobedience occurs when a Pokemon ignores a trainer’s command. This can happen for a variety of reasons, such as the Pokemon’s level being too high for the trainer’s current badge count, or the trainer not having enough gym badges to fully control traded Pokemon.

The higher a Pokemon’s disobedience level, the more likely it is to disobey its trainer. This can be frustrating for trainers who want to fully utilize their Pokemon’s abilities in battles.

The Mechanics of Disobedience

Now that we know what disobedience is, let’s delve into the mechanics behind it. In the Pokemon games, the disobedience level of a Pokemon is determined by two factors: its level and the number of gym badges the trainer has obtained.

As a trainer progresses through the game and earns gym badges, their Pokemon are more likely to obey them. The number of badges needed to fully control a traded Pokemon is determined by its level. For example, a level 20 Pokemon requires two gym badges to fully obey its trainer, while a level 30 Pokemon requires three.

However, if a trainer tries to command a Pokemon that is at a higher level than the number of gym badges they have earned, the Pokemon may disobey their commands. This is to prevent trainers from easily steamrolling through the game with high-level Pokemon.

Additionally, if a trainer does not use a Pokemon often enough, its disobedience level may increase. This is to encourage trainers to use a variety of Pokemon rather than relying on one or two high-level Pokemon.

Preventing Disobedience

Now that we understand why Pokemon disobey and how the mechanics work, let’s talk about how to prevent disobedience from occurring.

The best way to prevent disobedience is to earn gym badges. As you progress through the game and earn more badges, your Pokemon will be more likely to obey your commands. It’s also important to use a variety of Pokemon in battles, rather than relying on just one or two.

If you want to use a high-level traded Pokemon, make sure you have enough gym badges to fully control it. This will prevent it from disobeying your commands.

Finally, make sure you use your Pokemon often enough. If a Pokemon’s disobedience level is increasing, it may be because you haven’t been using it enough. Try using it in battles, or giving it items to hold to increase its performance in battle.


In conclusion, the mechanics behind disobedience in Pokemon games can be confusing, but understanding them is crucial for any trainer. By earning gym badges, using a variety of Pokemon, and keeping your Pokemon’s level in mind, you can prevent disobedience and fully utilize your team’s abilities in battles.

By following these tips, you can become a better trainer and achieve greater success in the world of Pokemon. Happy training!


1. Can you prevent disobedience in all Pokemon games?
– Yes, the mechanics of disobedience are present in most, if not all, Pokemon games.
2. What happens if a Pokemon disobeys a command?
– The Pokemon may perform a different move than the one the trainer commanded, or it may not attack at all.
3. How can I lower a Pokemon’s disobedience level?
– Using the Pokemon in battles and giving it items to hold can help lower its disobedience level.
4. Can a Pokemon ever fully disobey its trainer?
– No, even if a Pokemon’s disobedience level is high, it will still obey its trainer some of the time.
5. Does disobedience affect how a Pokemon gains experience?
– No, a Pokemon’s disobedience level has no effect on how it gains experience in battles.

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