Why Pokemon Don’t Obey: Revealing the Reason Behind The Disobedience Phenomenon

Why Pokemon Don’t Obey: Revealing the Reason Behind The Disobedience Phenomenon

Pokemon has been an essential part of our childhood, and we all have a nostalgic attachment to the game. It is no secret that Pokemon has become one of the most popular video games in the world. A significant aspect of the game is the bond between the trainer and their Pokemon. As trainers, we take pride in having Pokemon that are obedient and follow our command. But what happens when they don’t obey? In this article, we will explore the reason behind the disobedience phenomenon in Pokemon.

Why Don’t Pokemon Obey?

As trainers, we spend countless hours training our Pokemon, taking care of them, and even forming an emotional bond with them. We expect them to listen to our every command during battles and other tasks. However, it can be frustrating when our Pokemon don’t obey us, especially when we need them the most. But, the question is, why don’t they obey us?

The answer lies within the level of the Pokemon and the badge of the trainer. In the Pokemon world, trainers must earn badges by defeating the gym leaders. Each badge indicates the level of the Pokemon the trainer can control effectively. Hence, if a trainer has a badge that allows them to control Pokemon up to level 50, they won’t be able to control Pokemon above this level.

When a trainer tries to make a Pokemon, which is higher than their level, perform a move or attack, the Pokemon is less likely to obey. It is because the Pokemon becomes too strong for the trainer, and they find it challenging to handle the power. This phenomenon is known as disobedience in the world of Pokemon.


The disobedience phenomenon can be perplexing, especially for new trainers. It can be frustrating to spend so much time training a Pokemon only to find out that they won’t obey your commands. In most cases, new trainers are not aware that badges play a significant role in the level of Pokemon they can control. Hence, they end up becoming perplexed when their Pokemon won’t obey them.


The burstiness in the disobedience phenomenon can be seen in the sudden change in a Pokemon’s behavior. A Pokemon that once obeyed your every command can suddenly become disobedient after gaining a few levels or evolving. It is a significant problem for trainers who rely on their Pokemon’s obedience during battles.

How to Control Disobedient Pokemon?

As mentioned earlier, disobedience in Pokemon is a result of the level of the Pokemon and the trainer’s badge. Hence, the only way for trainers to control disobedient Pokemon is to earn more badges. By doing so, they can increase the level of Pokemon they can control, and their Pokemon will become more obedient.

Furthermore, trainers can use various methods to increase the chances of their Pokemon obey. First, they can use the move “Swagger” to increase their Pokemon’s attack power. Additionally, they can use the “Mental Herb” item to prevent their Pokemon from being confused or affected by moves like “Attract” or “Taunt.”

The Final Verdict

In conclusion, disobedience in Pokemon is not due to any fault of the trainer or the Pokemon. It is a natural phenomenon that occurs when a trainer’s badge is too low for the level of the Pokemon they are trying to control. Hence, trainers should focus on earning more badges to increase their Pokemon’s obedience. Additionally, they can use various items and moves to increase their Pokemon’s chances of obeying. With patience and perseverance, trainers can train their disobedient Pokemon and form a stronger bond with them.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can disobedient Pokemon become obedient again?
Ans: Yes, trainers can make their disobedient Pokemon obedient again by earning more badges.

2. Can trainers control any Pokemon regardless of level once they earn all the badges?
Ans: No, trainers cannot control all Pokemon even with all the badges. Some Pokemon are too powerful for even the strongest trainer.

3. Can Pokemon disobey their trainers for any other reason?
Ans: Yes, Pokemon can disobey their trainers if they are poisoned, paralyzed, or burned.

4. Can Pokemon disobey their trainers even when their level is within the trainer’s control?
Ans: Yes, Pokemon can disobey their trainers even when their level is within the control of the trainer, but it happens less frequently.

5. Can disobedience in Pokemon be helpful in any way?
Ans: Yes, disobedience in Pokemon can be helpful in certain circumstances by triggering effects that can benefit the trainer, such as raising the Pokemon’s attack power.

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