Why Pokemon Don’t Obey and How to Fix It – Tips and Tricks for Trainers

Why Pokemon Don’t Obey and How to Fix It – Tips and Tricks for Trainers

Are you tired of your Pokemon not following your commands? Has it ever left you wondering why they refuse to obey you? If so, you are not alone! Many trainers struggle with disobedience in their Pokemon, even with well-trained and loyal companions. So, let’s dive into the reasons why your Pokemon don’t obey you and tips and tricks to fix this issue for good!

The Causes of Pokemon’s Disobedience:

The Primary Cause: Low Trainer Badge

Each Pokemon has a level that serves as an indicator of its strength and abilities. You may note that certain Pokemon would not follow your orders if their level is higher than your trainer’s badge. For example, in the Kanto region, the Viridian City gym is the last one. If your Pikachu has evolved into a Raichu, who is level 66, and your last obtained certification was from the Celadon City’s gym leader, Blaine, whose badge only permits your Pokemon to obey up to level 50, your Pikachu would disobey your orders more often.

A secondary cause: Losing trust

Pokemon are not just tools that enable you to battle against other trainers. They are living beings with emotions, personality, and desires. Overuse, neglect, and mistreatment can make your Pokemon lose trust in you, leading to disobedience. For example, imagine a scenario where you fail to heal them adequately, deprive them of rest, and continuously make them fight without any reasonable breaks. Your Pokemon might lose trust in your judgment, making them reluctant to follow your commands.

How to Fix Pokemon’s Disobedience:

Be a good trainer

If you treat your Pokemon poorly, yell at them, and force them to battle without rest or are more focused on winning every battle than caring for them. If you intend to be an excellent Pokemon trainer, you must demonstrate these traits. Take time to care for your Pokemon’s needs, provide medical support whenever needed, and give them ample rest. Provide them with food at regular intervals, and never leave them hungry intentionally.

Earn more badges

Every region has a range of gyms with unique gym leaders. Each gym leader you defeat provides you with a badge that allows you to command Pokemon up to a certain level. The more badges you have, the higher the level of Pokemon you can command. The key is to battle often and keep progressing.

Use of items

They may not be a perfect solution, but it’s worth noting that items like the obedience pill or obedience charm could make a difference. These items can offer additional support, especially when you need your Pokemon to obey your orders in specific circumstances.

In conclusion, Pokemon disobedience is a common phenomenon experienced by trainers worldwide. A combination of factors like low Trainer Badge or mistreatment of Pokemon can cause this disobedience. But, with proper training, care, and a little investment in items, you can eradicate disobedience in Pokemon for good. So, take the steps necessary and watch your Pokemon transform into a well-polished fighting machine.


1. Do all Pokemon have obedience issues?
Not all Pokemon have obedience problems; however, a misbehaving Pokemon is not uncommon among trainers.

2. Can Pokemon disobedience be fixed permanently?
Yes, by following the tips explained in the article, you can handle the disobedience, and with time, it would become less common.

3. Can items like obedience pills be harmful to Pokemon?
Generally, items cannot harm Pokemon if they are used correctly. Ensure to adhere to the instruction before and during use.

4. How long does the change in Pokemon sometimes take for a trainer to be seen?
It depends on some factors like how long the trust was broken, badges, availability of items, and how well a trainer can be genuinely dedicated to the care of the Pokemon.

5. Is this a universal problem, or is it unique to a particular region?
Pokemon disobedience is a commonly experienced issue among trainers worldwide, regardless of the region.

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