Why Infamous Second Son Collector’s Edition Is A Must-Have for Gamers – Here’s Why

Why Infamous Second Son Collector’s Edition Is A Must-Have for Gamers – Here’s Why

Gamers around the world can testify that nothing beats the satisfaction of owning a collector’s edition of their favorite game. The Infamous Second Son Collector’s Edition is one such example that has become a must-have for enthusiasts. This limited edition release of the game takes the players’ experience to another level by providing exciting features and exclusive items that are unavailable in the standard version. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at why the Infamous Second Son Collector’s Edition is a must-have for gamers.

1. The Game’s Intriguing Storyline
Infamous Second Son is set in the year 2014 and follows the story of Delsin Rowe, a young man who obtains extraordinary powers after encountering an accident with a Conduit, people who possess supernatural abilities. The game’s storyline is one of the most compelling and immersive plots seen in modern gaming. It manages to strike a perfect balance between emotionally charged dialogue and adrenaline-fueled action sequences that keep players hooked right till the end.

2. Unmatched Game Controls
Sucker Punch Productions mastered the controls in Infamous Second Son, providing a seamless gaming experience. The game features some stunning moves, and it’s easy to execute them, making gameplay an enjoyable experience. Players are free to traverse the vast, open map of Seattle and explore its surroundings while performing parkour, combat moves, and various other activities.

3. The Collector’s Edition Contains Exclusive Features
The Infamous Second Son Collector’s Edition boasts some distinctive features that add more value and excitement to the gameplay. The version includes Cole’s Legacy DLC, which serves as a bridge between the second installment of the game and the current one. The Collector’s Edition also provides players with exclusive in-game outfits, including the Cole’s jacket, which is perfect for those who are fans of the previous installments of the series.

4. The Art Book and Collectible Pin
Apart from the exclusive in-game features, the Collector’s Edition also contains some exciting physical items that add more value to its package. The game comes with a limited edition art book with behind-the-scenes material, including concept art, sketches, and character designs that will help entice game enthusiasts. Additionally, there is the authentic Delsin’s Beanie and a collectible pin that features Sucker Punch Productions logo.

5. The Game’s Replayability
Infamous Second Son is a game with high replayability value, meaning that players can restart the game to experience the storyline again in another way. The game possesses alternate endings, and players can go back through the storyline to make different choices, which have different consequences. This feature ensures that the game always presents a unique experience that keeps gamers intrigued.

The Infamous Second Son Collector’s Edition is the ultimate package for gamers who are fans of the Infamous franchise. From the compelling storyline to the fantastic gameplay, this game contains everything one would expect to experience in modern gaming. The exclusive in-game items and physical edition items, including the artbook, beanie, and collectible pin, make the game even more attractive. Infamous Second Son Collector’s Edition is more than just a game; it’s an experience that is undoubtedly worth playing.


1) Can I play the Collector’s Edition on any platform?
The Collector’s Edition is only available to play on PlayStation 4.

2) Can I buy the Collector’s Edition anywhere?
The Collector’s Edition is a limited edition product that was released in 2014. You may be able to find it on resell websites like eBay or Amazon, but it’s not guaranteed.

3) Are the in-game outfits customizable?
The in-game outfits are exclusive to the collector’s edition and can be changed depending on the player’s preference.

4) What is the difference between the standard version and the Collector’s Edition?
The Collector’s Edition contains exclusive in-game items, including Cole’s Legacy DLC, exclusive in-game outfits, an artbook, a collectible pin, and Delsin’s beanie.

5) Is the Collector’s Edition worth the extra cost?
For fans of the Infamous franchise and collectors, the Collector’s Edition is worth the extra cost, as it adds additional content and exclusive items to enhance the gameplay experience.

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