Why Infamous Second Son Collector’s Edition is a Must-Have for gamers: A Detailed Review

If you are a serious gamer, or even just someone who enjoys the occasional gaming session, you may have heard of the Collector’s Edition of Infamous Second Son. This highly sought after edition of the game is not only a must-have for fans of the Infamous series, but for all gamers who appreciate a high-quality, immersive gaming experience.

So, what makes the Collector’s Edition of Infamous Second Son so special? Let’s take a closer look.

The first thing you’ll notice about this edition is the stunning packaging. The game comes in a sleek, black box with a clear, plastic sleeve highlighting the exclusive cover art. As soon as you open the box, you are greeted with a beautiful hardcover art book, filled with concept art, character designs, and detailed descriptions of the game’s world and story.

But the art book is only the beginning. The centerpiece of this Collector’s Edition is the highly-detailed, 9-inch statue of Delsin Rowe, the game’s protagonist. The statue is finely crafted, with intricate details and a paint job that makes every aspect of Delsin’s outfit and weapons pop. It’s an impressive collectible that any Infamous fan would be proud to display.

Of course, a Collector’s Edition wouldn’t be complete without some in-game extras, and Infamous Second Son’s edition delivers in spades. Along with the full game, you’ll get four exclusive vests for Delsin to wear in-game, each with its own unique design and special abilities. Additionally, you’ll receive Cole’s Legacy, a series of missions that bridge the story between Infamous 2 and Second Son, providing a deeper understanding of the game’s lore and characters.

But, the Collector’s Edition isn’t just about extra content or cool collectibles. The game itself is a masterpiece of open-world gaming. Set in a beautifully rendered version of Seattle, you take control of Delsin Rowe, a young graffiti artist with the ability to absorb and control the powers of other Conduits, or superpowered people. As you progress through the story, you gain new powers, each with its own unique abilities and playstyle.

The game’s story is expertly crafted, with a cast of memorable characters, each with their own motivations and backstories. The writing is top-notch, with themes of power, responsibility, and the consequences of our actions explored in-depth. Whether you choose to be a hero or a villain, the story changes in significant ways, providing a high level of replayability.

Overall, the Infamous Second Son Collector’s Edition is a must-have for any serious gamer. The stunning packaging, high-quality statue, and extra in-game content make it a great value, but it’s the game itself that truly shines. If you haven’t had the chance to experience the world of Infamous yet, this is the perfect way to dive in.


1. Is the Infamous Second Son Collector’s Edition worth the extra cost?

Absolutely! The amount of extra content included in this edition, along with the high-quality statue and art book, make it a fantastic value.

2. Can I still enjoy Infamous Second Son without the Collector’s Edition?

Of course! The standard version of the game is still an amazing experience, but the Collector’s Edition provides some extra goodies for die-hard fans.

3. Does the Collector’s Edition come with any extra DLC?

Yes! The Cole’s Legacy missions provide a deeper understanding of the game’s lore and characters.

4. Is Infamous Second Son a good jumping-on point for the series?

Definitely! While it takes place after the events of Infamous 2, it’s a standalone story with a new protagonist and a fresh perspective.

5. Do I need to have played previous Infamous games to enjoy Second Son?

Nope! The game’s story is self-contained, so you can jump right in without any prior knowledge of the series.

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