Why Ark Survival Evolved is Bad? (You will be surprised)

Written by RichieRichLabs

February 23, 2021

ARK Survival Evolved Xbox Console update Xbox One Update 60 fps Series X|S
why ark survival evolved is bad?
Why Ark Survival Evolved is Bad? (You will be surprised) 5


If you are asking yourself “why Ark Survival Evolved is bad?” then you are not alone! The video game in question is such a good game at its core that many hundreds of gamers have gone thru the living hell that is Ark Survival Evolved on Xbox, specially, endured the horrible performance levels that it forces gamers to play with in order to enjoy its majestic survival gameplay that almost no other game manages to produce.

You don’t need to be wondering “why Ark Survival Evolved is bad?” if you find yourself in the few, but beautiful and none the less achievable state or being of…

You just bought an Xbox series X|S and are ready to enjoy ARK Survival Evolved the way it was meant to be played, because the old Xbox One Console just could not deliver a stable ARK experience for you. You start playing and the game looks beautiful the graphics are ultra and 4K, but then you realize that you are running at 30fps instead of 60 FPS.

Your friend calls you because you both loaded into your new server really fast and have to share with each other on a FaceTime or Zoom call how awesome it felt, but your friend is disappointed that his Xbox Series S only plays the game at 30fps and you then realize that you also are playing the same frame rate as he is which makes you wonder what the hell?

I am here to answer that “why is ark survival evolved so bad?” question with yes you can play at 60 FPS on the new Xbox series X! You just have to turn off “detailed graphics” in the options/settings menu. The detailed graphics mode is turned on by default and it is only available on the Xbox One X and the Xbox Series X not on the Xbox One S or Xbox Series S even though the game is already optimized for the Xbox Series S.

PS: It is untethered for Xbox Series X Split-screen, but not on the Xbox Series S sadly.

If you care to understand more about this game and how it runs and all the devices let me tell you that if you did not watch the video above you cannot understand, unless you have played the game before, how slow and bad it plays on the old Xbox One S and the Xbox series S delivers a low resolution yet high enough resolution experience that is stable and fast enough to make ARK Survival Evolved a joy to play even at 30fps 1080 P which is much sharper than the abysmal 720P that Ark plays on the Xbox One S at sub 30 FPS which is a huge reason why people ask “why is ark survival evolved so bad?”

The Xbox One X version of the video game is definitely a much prettier sharper version which actually has better frame rates than the Xbox One S, but it still suffers from slow loading and drops here and there which are really annoying when you have detailed graphics mode turned on, but if you disable that mode then the game is definitely a nice stable experience as long as there is not a lot of PVP or huge cities around you.

Don’t forget this game is free to play if you are a subscriber to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate which if you like to earn your Microsoft Rewards Points and then redeem them so you can get free Xbox Game Pass Ultimate don’t forget to check the video below in my 15 minute guide that will get you on your way to enjoying and saving money while playing video games and honestly probably using the toilet because that’s where I highly recommend that you do your daily and weekly quests.

Finally we talk about the technical aspects of this specific version of the game the Xbox Series S and Xbox series X deliver 30 FPS 1080 P and 60 FPS or 30 FPS dynamic 4K respectively. If you are wanting to do split screen with ARK Survival Evolved I would argue that the only way to truly enjoy it is if you play on the Xbox series S or the Xbox series X because on the Xbox One consoles it is broken and honestly not fun at all as long as you are not just staring at the sky or the water.

To wrap things up even with the new Xbox devices ARK Survival Evolved is a game that lacks optimization therefore even with the new hardware which plays the game at great levels of acceptance and it is actually good performance it should be able to deliver more in my opinion, but because the Xbox One version of the game is so bad the new Xbox devices make the experience what it should have been since the beginning and that is good enough for me let me know your thoughts on social media and don’t forget to use the #StreamingLiveAcademy 

Why Ark Survival Evolved is Bad?

Lack of optimization and low end CPUs in the Xbox One consoles plus slow HDDs.

How To Improve Ark Survival Evolved Performance? (Xbox One)

why ark survival evolved is bad?

You can restart your console and make sure that there is no other games being installed or updated at the same time that you are playing. Restart you console means turning it off completely thru the settings menu not the pop up menu when you press and hold the power button on you controller.

You can also install the game on an external SSD, but the gains in performance are minor.

Just buy a new Xbox Series X|S.

How Many FPS for Ark on Xbox Series S?

30 FPS sadly even though it has almost the same CPU as the Xbox Series X.

How Many FPS for Ark On Xbox Series X?

Ark Survival Evolved Xbox Series X VS Xbox One X Gameplay Loading Performance is FAST! 60 FPS 4K

60 FPS which is awesome, but only with the “quality graphics” setting toggled off.

Untethered Split-screen for Ark Survival Evolved Xbox?

why ark survival evolved is bad?

Yes on the new Xbox Series X, but not on the Xbox Series S or Xbox One consoles.

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