Where To Find Every Pokémon In Ultra Violet!

You, oh noble and tireless Pokémon Trainer, are about to embark on a grand adventure! A quest teeming with critters and creatures of unimaginable shapes and colors… yes, you’ve guessed it right—it’s time to capture some Pokémon! Brace yourself to traverse far and wide in our vibrant guide, “Where To Find Every Pokémon In Ultra Violet!” Unveiling the habitat of every exotic digital beast you’re eager to snag. Pop some popcorn, fasten your seatbelt, and brace yourself for this adrenaline-pumping journey—the virtual battlefield is ready for you!

Where To Find Every Pokémon In Ultra Violet!

Understanding Pokémon Encounter Rates in Ultra Violet

Hold up, Fellow Poké Fanatic! Are you getting a little frustrated trying to figure out the enigmatic and elusive laws of Pokémon encounter rates in the much anticipated Ultra Violet version? Join the club, my friend! Well, not to worry as this piece aims to light that torch for you and possibly, guide you through that tricky Mt. Moon Cave without that annoying Zubat encounter every two steps.

Rarity Types for Pokémon

There may have been a moment, while you’ve been sauntering through the grassy fields near Lavender Town that you’ve pondered why Caterpie keeps popping up every few seconds, but that darn Chansey might as well be a myth? This my friend, is all down to rarity levels. There are four categories as we understand – ‘Common’, ‘Uncommon’, ‘Rare’ and ‘Very Rare’. Oh yes, and don’t forget – that shiny Magikarp that tugs at your heartstrings can be deemed ‘Unbelievably Rare’ too!

Influence of Weather Conditions

If only dear Pikachu enjoyed savasana in the rain as much as we do! Turns out, the weather, yes you read correctly, dictates which Pokémon pop up to say hello. Rain makes electric-type Pokémon giddy, snow sends those ice-types into the battle sphere more often, and I’m sure you can figure out that the sunlight draws out our fire-type buddies. Also, don’t mark my words, but there may be a legendary bird who enjoys a good storm.

Role of Time of Day

Think nocturnal Marks and Spencer’s visits are only for shift workers and insomniacs? Guess again! Strolling off for a midnight Pokémon hunt may bring you face to face with a pocket-monster only seen under cover of darkness. While Gastly and the gang definitely have the graveyard shift, pearly morning hours may introduce you to an entirely new set of playmates. Yes, we’re talking ‘Day’ and ‘Night’ (and sometimes ‘Dusk’ and ‘Dawn’) Pokémon, with different little byte-sized pals to meet at different periods throughout the 24-hour window.

Finding Pokémon in Tall Grass Areas

Venturing into the great outdoors yet? Keep your eyes peeled for the rustling tall grass areas as it could mean you’re about to meet yet another new buddy.

Pallet Town and Route 1

Pallet Town and Route 1 are perfect places for beginners to dip their toes into the world of Pokémon hunting. Do you know what you will find here? Of course, the classics – Pidgey, Rattata and maybe a sneaky Spearow if you’re lucky!

Viridian City to Viridian Forest

But what happens when we journey onwards towards the fair city of Viridian and the nearby lure of Viridian Forest? Here we go – Pikachu fans rejoice! You’re in prime location for these little electric fur-balls. Not a fan? Well, don’t overlook the Metapod and Kakuna who love to hang out in this neck of the woods too.

Pewter City and Route 3

Pewter City and Route 3 may have previously been nothing but a bypass for you on the way to the next gym, but take another look and you may spot Jigglypuff’s and Clefairy’s dancing around in the wild!

Locating Pokémon in Water Areas

Water, water, everywhere, and plenty of Pokémon to catch! It’s not just Magikarp out there, folks!

Seafoam Islands

Seafoam Islands are nests of water-type Pokémon. And if you’re patient enough, you may even get eyeballs on a rare Dewgong or the occasional Seel flopping around!

Fuchsia City and Route 19

Fuchsia City and Route 19 have a few Kanto region Pokémon sightings like Tentacool and Horsea.

Cinnabar Island

Cinnabar Island is a goldmine if you’re on the lookout for water and fire type creatures. With Krabbies, Ponytas and Growlithes calling this place home, you’re in for some red-hot action!

Catching Pokémon in Cave and Mountain Areas

Damp caves and frosty peaks are havens for a bevy of appreciated Pokémon species.

Cerulean City and Mt. Moon

Cerulean City and Mt. Moon are known for their stash of Geodudes, Zubats, and if you’re lucky, a sighting of the precious Clefairy.

Rock Tunnel and Lavender Town

The Rock Tunnel and lavender town can steer you towards Onix, Machops and adorable Cubones if you’re packed with enough Potions and Pokeballs.

Victory Road and the Pokémon League

Victory Road and Pokémon League say hello to the likes of Rhyhorn, Graveler and in some rare instances, Marowak!

Where To Find Every Pokémon In Ultra Violet!

Finding Pokémon on Bespoke and Unique Locations

Unique locations in the Ulta Violet world offer a whole variety of unique Pokémon encounters.

Pokémon Tower

Think Pokémon Tower is nothing more than a gravestone for our fallen comrades? Nope, it’s rumoured that ghost Pokémon might be hanging around here.

The Power Plant

Hone your electric moves at The Power Plant, the alleged residence of Zapdos and its squadron of Voltorb and Electabuzz!

Safari Zone

The infamous Safari Zone is home to some exotic creatures and very rare Pokémon, like the Rhino-like Rhyhorn or the towering Kangaskhan.

Acquiring Pokémon through Trading and Gifts

What’s that? Everyone hates you because you can’t find any Pokémon alone? No worries! You can legally obtain them without a fight through trade or gifts!

Non-Player Character (NPC) Trades

Fancy swapping a Poliwhirl for a Jynx or a Venonat for a Tangela? Try your hand at the non-player character (NPC) trades. You’re generally guaranteed a fair deal!

In-Game Gift Pokémon

Some generous souls are giving away Pokémon! Be it the daycare couple babysitting a mystery egg or your buddy Professor Oak dispatching the marvelous starters, these in-game gift Pokémon are all yours!

Where To Find Every Pokémon In Ultra Violet!

Discovering Legendary Pokémon

Ever dream of spotting that majestic Zapdos silhouetted against the setting sun, or maybe bumping into Articuno while lost in Seafoam Islands?

Zapdos at Power Plant

Zapdos makes its abode, quite appropriately, at the Power Plant. But be warned, the daily commute is a tough one!

Articuno at Seafoam Islands

Battling the waves of the Seafoam Islands may lead you to the legendary ice bird, Articuno. Effort required: Titanic. Satisfaction guaranteed: Absolutely!

Moltres on Victory Road

You guessed it – completing the game isn’t just for self gratification. You also get a crack at catching the firebird Moltres, perched high on Victory Road.

Catching Shiny Pokémon

Spotted one yet? Shiny Pokémon are all the rage!

Shiny Hunting Methods

Your lead character Pokémon might need to possess an ability called Static to draw out these shiny beasts onto the battlefield, or perhaps a little use of the good-old Masuda Method could work – just find yourself a foreign mate!

Shiny Pokémon Probability Rates

We’re talking 1 in 8,192 chance of stumbling upon a shiny Pokémon. Good luck, you’re going to need it!

Where To Find Every Pokémon In Ultra Violet!

Finding Rare Pokémon in Ultra Violet Version

Sassy Dragonite that’s playing hard to get? Bizarre Kabutops that no-one ever seems to bump into? Yeah, those are the rare Pokémon you need to look out for!

Pseudo-Legendary Pokémon

They are as strong as legendary Pokémon but a little bit harder to find. Pseudo-Legendary Pokémon like Dratini or Larvitar can be found in the Ultra Violet version, provided you’re willing to search high and low!

Fossil Pokémon

Lock those eyes onto those ‘Old Amber’ or ‘Helix Fossil’ icons you find in the wild or in the museum for a chance encounter with the elusive fossil Pokémon!

Pokémon Exclusive to Ultra Violet

Wallflower Meowth or exclusive Golem that you haven’t even heard of yet? Better find them – they are exclusive Pokémon to Ultra Violet!

Using Tools, Items, and Techniques for Pokémon Hunting

Choosing the correct tools and employing the right techniques could very well decide whether you’re winning that shiny Psyduck or breaking your heart over yet another lost attempt!

Using Pokémon Repel Items

You’ll appreciate Repel or Max Repel once you’re knee-deep in Zubats with not even a Geodude in sight. These items are sure to come in handy in caves or tall grass where encounters are close to inevitable.

Master Ball Utilization

Don’t waste this one, pal. The Master Ball is your golden ticket to a 100% perfect catch rate, ideal for that dream-beat Legendary or shiny Pokémon you’ve been mooning over!

Efficient Techniques for Catching Legendary Pokémon

Those legendaries play hard to get! Lowering their health to a red HP bar, putting them to sleep, and having a bag full of Ultra Balls can increase your chances of nabbing a legendary Pokémon. Include stat boosting moves like Swords Dance or Nasty Plot to make them think twice before breaking free!

So, the Ultra Violet version might not always be a walk in the park, but you’ve got this! Armed with this knowledge, grasp those Poké Balls firmly and brace yourself – because it’s time to go Pokémon hunting!

Where To Find Every Pokémon In Ultra Violet!

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