Discover What Is Twitch? And how to not fail at it

What is Twitch?

When a family member asks you “What is Twitch?”, what do you say? How do you explain to someone what Twitch is or what you do on Twitch, if they have never even heard the term streaming or broadcasting?

With Thanksgiving around the corner, family members will ask you what you now do for work or how you make money. 

I was recently in this situation when I travelled back home and my family asked me exactly these questions. It was a lot harder to answer and explain Twitch than I thought it would be. So here is my way of explaining how Twitch works.

Twitch Is A Website

Let’s start at the beginning, at the very basic core function of Twitch. Twitch is a website. will bring to their homepage. A step further we could say that Twitch is a website that hosts video material somewhat similar to YouTube.

 It is not the same as YouTube, because the video content that Twitch hosts, is live content. This content happens in real time unlike YouTube where the video material is pre-recorded. 

While on YouTube you can leave comments underneath the videos and the publisher will see those later and then can choose to respond or not, on Twitch these comments are presented to the publisher instantly. You can write a comment on Twitch and see the person read your comment in a matter of seconds and then get your response.

Everything that happens on Twitch is 100% live. What Twitch gives the viewer is the opportunity to interact with the creator on a 1 to 1 level in real time, unlike YouTube. I know YouTube Gaming is a thing now, same Twitch but this is not the focus of this article.

Who Uses Twitch

So who exactly uses Twitch. We established that you communicate with the creator in real time but there is no rule to who can and cannot use Twitch. When Twitch started creators used the website to stream their video games while playing them and interact with the community while doing so. 

Since then Twitch as a platform and Twitch’s community have evolved beyond simple gameplay. Anyone can stream on Twitch almost anything they like. Of course it has to follow the TOS for example no violence or nudity. 

While to this day most creators are still streaming gameplay you can now find anything from car mechanics to make up livestreams all the way to people sitting at Starbucks enjoying a pumpkin spice latte while talking to the community. Twitch is whatever you want Twitch to be.

Why Use Twitch

Twitch is a great way to engage with an audience in real time and on a one to one basis. While services like Zoom or Discord, cap the amount of people that can be in a call at the same time or watch a stream or meeting, Twitch allows as many people as possible to watch creators.

Creators use Twitch to engage with their following and use it as a sound board. A sound board is a way of bouncing ideas off a portion of your audience to see if they like it, before creating this piece of content and rolling it out to everyone. But Twitch is more than that.

Twitch is a way to socialise. Especially during these difficult times where our ability to go outside is limited, Twitch allows us to talk to people, to meet new people, to experience games together and share it with others.

And we have to mention that Twitch can make you money. Twitch is another way to create content, and monetize it so that the time you put in is financially rewarded.

How Twitch can make you money

While you stream on Twitch, the platform runs ads in front of your viewers. Sometimes right when a viewer joins the stream, and other times in the middle. You as the streamer receive a very tiny portion of this ad revenue.

If ad revenue would be how you make money on Twitch however, no one would stay. The majority of your income actually comes from your viewers. Viewers have the option to subscribe to your Twitch channel for $5 a month. 

This profit is then split 50/50 between Twitch and the creator meaning that you make $2.50 from every subscription that you receive. Besides subscriptions, your viewers also have the option of donating money directly to you, with or without Twitch in the middle. 

See Twitch is free to use by anyone. No one has to pay to watch a creator. If you do not want to receive ads, you can subscribe to the specific channel and then, for this channel only, not receive ads. If you do not want to receive ads at all, you can pay a fee directly to Twitch and you will never see ads again.

All the money a streamer makes through Twitch, is purely because the viewers want to support the creator. In essence the more the people enjoy your content, the more likely they are to support you.

And this is all there is to say to Twitch. The next time someone asks you what Twitch is, you tell them. It is a website where you can interact with an audience live. 

If you enjoyed the article let me know down in the comments below. And as always, stay hydrated! Ah and remember that we have a lot of other guides on this site, if you want to grow fast with your stream check this article Facebook Gaming Growth 2021
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