What is Cronus Zen?

You have probably heard the name Cronus Zen and wondered What is Cronus Zen? Well I did too and I got the answer for you so strap on your gaming limb or seat belt and let’s take a short walk down universal controls lane.

What is Cronus Zen?
Cronus Zen Device

There it is, the Cronus Zen device is small and it is meant to allow you to use any controller or mouse and keyboard on any console or PC that you can get your dirty, greasy, Cheetos covered gamer nerd hands on.

The device is a game controller converter based on the CronusMax controller emulation and scripting tech. The device is meant to bring harmony to the separation that some players will have when owning a console or two. An example would be players wanting to use the Xbox Elite Controller with the PlayStation 5 and not suffer from lag or lack of functions which this device promises to allow.

What is Cronus Zen?
All controllers for all consoles

You are supposed to get lag free, fully customizable mapping buttons to actions like customizing paddles, and even be able to mod the controller with aim bot, no recoil, quick scope assist for quick scoping like a noob who doesn’t have anything better to with their day than feel good about messing around with quite literally cheats in multiplayer games.

Look I’m all in for the ability to use a PlayStation 5 controller on a Nintendo Switch or Mouse and Keyboard for games that don’t support it due to lazy developers, but when you go around modding for the sake or ruining someone else’s chill time that is no bueno or cool with me.

What is Cronus Zen?

It is a legit little machine that I personally am not interested in getting, but I have a few friends that would love to get one and be able to game on console with Mouse and Keyboard with no input lag or take their Xbox controller to a Nintendo Switch.

If you get to test it or have one please share it with us on socials using the SLA – Streaming Live Academy socials where we can talk about this puppy.

Cronus Zen seems to be the answer to PC and console players alike that want to be able to change what buttons do with their controller without having to pay for the premium controllers of each platform.

The Cronus Zen can also allow you to use your Xbox or PlayStation headsets with any console that you want to use it on so those headsets that don’t allow you to sync it across platforms will stand no chance to you mixing and matching.

What is Cronus Zen?
Xbox Elite Controller 2

Speaking of mix and matching this device should allow you to set a paddle for example on the controller to perform a script where you could theoretically drop shot in Call of Duty with only the press of 1 button.

It is interesting and if it truly is maintained and according to the developers and sellers of the device it cannot be detected unless you use mods in which case other players and odd behaviors in the game can end up triggering a alert to the video game developers or platform of choice and cause you to get ban so be careful or just don’t be a sour loser and mod when playing with people in situations where you shouldn’t be modding.

In short when or if I get my hands on this I will be testing it for you and Streaming Live Academy and find out if it is truly the great device that the seller and maker is saying it is.

What is Cronus Zen?

What is Cronus Zen?

It is a universal controller adapter that allows you to use any console controller on any other console so Xbox on PlayStation or Nintendo Switch and vice versa. It is supposed to be undetectable to the console that it is there and you can map and mod the buttons to do anything you need them to.

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