What is Apple One? Why You Should Get It!

     The Apple one subscription bundle includes three different tiers of packages which each tier includes a different set of Apple services such as Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, iCloud.

     At the bottom of this article I will be posting the different tiers and their respective Pricing. The first two tiers include pretty much the same services except they do not include Apple fitness plus and Apple news plus. The main reason for those two services not being included in the cheaper bundles it is because those services seem to be mostly based on the English language therefore offering them in countries in which English is not the native language does not make much sense plus distribution rights and relevancy to the news articles for Apple news plus is important.

     I am not going to be surprised if by the end of next year we end up having Apple fitness plus being available all over the world or at least in a lot of more countries. Apple news plus on the other hand I believe is more of a gamble as to if it’s going to be available in your country by the end of next year. 

     If you would like to stay on top of Apple news and all things tech plus video games then stick around streaming live academy.com and don’t forget to use the #StreamingLiveAcademy on social media. Plus my channel on the video link will cover topics like the ones we just talked about. 

     If you are short on time I will tell you that if you are subscribed to two or more Apple services than the Apple one bundles makes sense for you and if you are not then stick with only using one service since you’re not going to be saving money by subscribing to an Apple one bundle if that is your case. 

What is Apple One? Why You Should Get It!

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