Video Game Releases – July 2020

Video Game Releases

July 2020

Byron “Reckful” RIP

I made a video on this, but I just have to remind you all please remember that mental illness is a real thing and we are human so let us be kind and loving if possible. Spread the love not the hate! 

PS: Give Alinity a break.

Xbox: Revenge of the Xbox Event

July 23rd is the official day for the event in which our retinas will be able to (more than likely) process and savor new Halo: Infinite content and remember that from July 21st to July 27th it is demo week so make some free time to take care of those puppies…Halo: Infinite demo is not likely… sad face.

“Just Do It!”

I calculated and I have about 2-3 months to catch up on my video game library of games that need to be completed or ran thru so I invite you to get ready cause come fall it will be almost impossible to do.

If you ever wanted to be a FedEx delivery man then this is your chance to do it and specially if you have the desire to make your friend realize fully that your PC is the reason why you are a prime member of the Master Race then here is your chance to show off the true power of your gaming rig with Hideo Kojima’s mind bending story telling coupled with amazing animation capture and terrain traveling physics good enough to push any CPU to its bare limits!

 I personally loved the message in the game and still need to finish it fully, but what I saw was a unique game that took risks doing something different for once and honestly it is an acquired taste. I loved the premise and characters I was introduced too. The Fedex sections seem to be a big bulk of the game, but once you meet the Dead Ones it gets intense and honestly a ton of fun! (July 14th)

Bloodstained: Cursed Moon 2 (PC)

I personally played Bloodstained: Ritual of The Night on Xbox thanks to the Xbox Game Pass and I enjoyed it a lot, but got into other games which it is unfair to be honest cause it seemed to be a really good side scrolling Metroidvania game. I’m a sucker for female protagonist games done right and the art was interestingly dark and gloomy yet eye catchy. This new game will come in 2d 8-bit pixel art which I like to look at, but not actually play it. 
  • Release Date: July 10th

F1: 2020 (PC-Xbox-PS4)

Yup another year another Madd…I mean F1 game. I personally have interest just not enough to actually play them.

  • Release Date: July 10th

Grounded (Xbox Game Pass & Steam Early Access)

If you liked the series “Honey I shrunk the Kids” then I think you will find the premise of Ground entertaining and unique. The game is a cooperative survival experience using the typical American backyard to make it all happen in a tiny and exciting way ( July 28th)

I personally am not a big fan of preview games since they are typically way too buggy and above all they don’t provide me with gamer score in my steam achievements or trophies or xbox gamer score so I tend to avoid them until they release fully, but we will see cause this one seems to have the making of something unique and fun. 

Trackmania (PC)

I personally think this game looks too simple, but being on the PC it probably will get modded and if it does stick it will get more features and more entertaining to play. I like arcade racing multiplayer games like these is just it is at the bottom of my to play list. Let me know what you think.

  • Release Date: July 1st

Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town (PC - Switch)

I’m not going to pretend that I know or enjoy this genre of game. I personally can’t get into sim/farming/simulation games with this specific art style so I will pass, but I’ve heard good things from the reviews if you are interested. 

  • Release Date: July 14th

Destroy All Humans (Remaster - 2020)

I have played the first and second games and loved them! The Wii game Big Willy or what ever it was called I wasn’t a big fan of, but the series as a whole to me is worth visiting again and specially with a nice improved paint of coat. It has been a while since I last touched one of the games so I’m excited to revisit the human anal probing alien simulator by Black Forest Games & Pandemic Studios (July 28th)

Othercide (PC - Xbox)

This game caught my attention and I will surely be checking it out due to its art being dark and red…I love the color red! Turn based games like Xcom & Gears Tactics always tickle me the right way! They are hard, but so rewarding. 

Oblets (PC: Epic Store Exclusive)

Again another farming simulator game which, like I said, I’m not into, but this one seems to have become an Epic Store Exclusive and fans were not happy. Anyway it is coming this summer and it does seem like your eyes will get a nice dose of cuteness from playing it, thanks Glumberland.

  • Release Date: July 15th

Roki (PC - Switch)

This cute version of The Long Dark (not really) is coming out first on steam on the 23rd then on Nintendo Switch sometime in the Winter of 2020 (that’s if the Aliens don’t come first).

  • Release Date: July 23rd

SinoAlice (iOS - Android)

The first mobile game of the list and honestly it caught my attention cause of the connection it has with the Tier: Automata game, but besides that and fan service I don’t know much about it other than when I played it it was sort of a one handed hack and slash with 2D worlds as the playing field, but it has Japanese voice over so I will stick around for a bit.

  • Release Date: July 1st

Biped (PS4 - Switch - PC)

This game seems to tackle some interesting moving mechanics as to your character  and I think it is a nice indie puzzle game to check out if you have some spare cash laying around and time to burn.

  • Release Date: July 2nd

Fight Crab (PC - Switch)

Ever dreamed of playing as a crab and not just be a crab, but fighting another crab and that crab had a weapon and a vehicle, or maybe he or you had super powers and were giants and could make king Kong have a run for his money? Well if you haven’t you have no imagination and you should play this game and if you have, well, your dreams are going to become true and remember what happens in Fight Crab stays in Fight Crab…ooookay I’ll show my self the way out.

  • Release Date: July 30th

Fairy Tail (PC - PS4)

Look I’m not too much into anime and I like it is just that it is too cute and too hot and too cool yet boring all at the same time so I just tend to avoid it all together, but if you want more anime, RPG, action with fan service this game seems to be right up your alley…

  • Release Date: July 31st

Liberated (PC)

This action adventure, hand drawn, noir game looks interesting and honestly I might give it a try. Let me us know if you did. 

  • Release Date: Maybe July 2020

Marvel’s Iron Man VR (PS4)

  • Release Date: July 3rd

Superliminal (PS4 - Xbox - Switch - PC)

  • Release Date: July 7th

Catherine Full Body (PS4 - Switch)

Need something that has tons of Anime and Fan Service and it is an actual game for adults with challenging puzzle solving in between all the small RPG moments that one could hope for without investing tons and tons of hours into? Look no further than Catherine Full Body which includes the original game, but with better graphics and some quality of life improvements to the gameplay itself and the story even grows further so if you needed some more after you were done with the original now you’ll have even more brain and eye candy to lay your thumbs on; No for real this is an actual game and not just thirsty fan boy eye candy. 

Elden: Path of  The Forgotten (PS4 - Xbox - Switch - PC)

I’m not a big fan of these games, but if you are let us know if this one is any good cause with the premise of going to save your “mother from ancient horrors” it sounds like this game might of been done with a lot of passion in it. 

  • Release Date: July 9th

Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing in Disguise (Switch)

It is a TellTaleish horror story game that is only on Switch so I will ignore it till it comes out on the other platforms.

  • Release Date: July 10th

Hyper Scape (Xbox - PC - PS4)

I watched LordSeifer play this a bit ago for the tech test and it seemed cool, but for me honestly I’m not looking for shooter only games right now. It is Ubisoft and honestly shouldn’t they be busy making the next Splinter Cell? I say this is a dead end game that will sooner rather than later end up shutting down (July 12th)

Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris (PS4 - Xbox - Pc)

For reals if you keep track of these games and the series as a whole please hit up the comments section or on social media to enlighten us or at least me cause I don’t understand how they are able to release so many SAO games. The anime is good, but... 

Nascar Heat 5 (Xbox - PC - PS4)

I used to play a ton of Nascar when I was a kid in the PS2 era and it had a blue disc that I was mind blown by, but it got to the point that it wouldn’t load and so I forgot about nascar and this entry isn’t going to get me back into it….maybe.

  • Release Date: July 10th

Neon Abyss (Xbox - PS4 - PC - Switch)

A pixel graphic shooter platformer by Veewo Games seems to be a 2D pixel graphics Stick Shooter that if you are into that stuff might be down your alley. Not my preference, but looks colorfully pleasing. 

  • Release Date: July 14th

Rocket Arena (PC - Xbox - PS4)

If you ever wanted to play something similar to Senran Kagura Beach Splash, but it was “too hot” for the house then look no further than Rocket Arena, oh and it does 3vs3 combat so that’s different. 

  • Release Date: July 14th

Hunting Simulator 2 (PC - Switch - Xbox)

If you enjoy hunting animals and eating their processed bodies with the least amount of McDonald’s chemicals in them than this is the video game for you. 

PS: I do not condone hunting animals for fun, but you do you. 

  • Release Date: July 16th

Into The Radius (PC VR)

Don’t know much besides it’s a VR shooter that reminds me of the TV show “Darkness” 

  • Release Date: July 20th

Radical Rabbit Stew (PS4 - Xbox - Switch - PC)

Want to relieve some nostalgia of playing the OG Zelda game than this might tickle you just fine. I personally, again, don’t like the art style much, but love the title. 

  • Release Date: July 16th

July 2020 Video Game releases   


If you want to play some Overwatch with at least 1 buddy then come over my stream on Twitch every Wednesday & Friday for 2 hours I hit it hard and have fun with the game. It’s ENDWARO7 in twitch. 

CS: Go

You want to hit something a bit more serious and classical than look no further than LordSeifer and Jaybur cause they will take care of your goofy, skillful (at times), down right fun time with CS:Go. They even do Valorant from time to time. 

Valorant + Healthy =

Want to try something less classical and instead try a more modern game to a classical formula than you got GermanLuke. He not only will guide you thru Valorant he can also teach you a thing or two about healthy gaming and how it can help you frag noobs quicker and easier. 

Ghost of Tsushima (PS4)

July 17th 

Look I love Japanese things like the language and culture, and, of course, anime, but I’m not a big fan of pacing in most Japanese inspired story telling and that brings me to the question of what is going to motivate me to look at the gorgeous world of Ghost of Tsushima? I dig the vibes and graphics and sound so far so I’m in for day 1, but I won’t deny that I have a bit of a discomfort or doubt as to the quality of the game, but I like to support new IPs so that is why I'm going in since day 1 and you?

Terrorarium (PC)

I had to include this one cause the game’s image is eye catching don’t you think?  I like to think that this is the game that people that wanted a grandma simulator can finally itch that part of their mind. If you think your grandma is over the top and cool then this is the game to try. It is on PC so why not mod your grandma into the character model?

  • Release Date: July 28th

Pistol Whip (PSVR - PC)

If you didn’t get to try this VR Music Shooter when it first came out in 2019 for the PC than now you will be able to on the PS4 VR version of the game. (July 28th)

Hellpoint (PS4 - Xbox - Switch - PC - Mac - Linux)

Want another souls like game in your life? Look no further cause this game is that and it is out to get you on anything you can get your hands on... even Linux 

  • Release Date: July 14th

Skater XL (Xbox - Switch - PC - PS4)

I’m not one to play sports games cause I rather watch a real human perform them and maybe sometimes play them my self, but if you love virtual skating as much as I enjoy virtual existing than let me know how good this one ends up being.(July 28th)

CastleStorm 2 (PS4 - Xbox - Switch - PC)

Was angry bird a guilty pleasure of your’s back in the day? Now that you are more mature and older it is time to play something a bit harder and more mature and that is where CastleStorm 2 comes to the picture with its complex, simple tower building mechanics that honestly look fun.

  • Release Date: July 29th

Rock of Ages 3: Make & Break (Xbox - PS4 - PC - Switch)

This game reminded me of Pizza Vs Skeletons for iOS and I think Android. Anyway it seems like a decent 3D puzzle solving racing platformer

  • Release Date: July 21st

Maid of Sker (Xbox - PC - PS4)

I wasn’t a big fan of the amount of long starring that the trailer showcased with the Quiet Ones, but the graphics and premise with the sound design has got my interest peaked for this horror scary survival first person adventure game.

  • Release Date: July 28th

Rogue Legacy (PC)

I loved the sword dude going around with the sword held up high during the videos. It looks like a fun 2d adventure game that at 75% off I think it is worth a check for pixel art 2D fans. PS: Limited run for consoles.

  • Release Date: July 23


Just wanted to say from all content producers of the website thanks for your time and we enjoy doing what we do and we hope you enjoy consuming and being a part of our community!


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