Valorant vs CSGO: 2 awesome games that are so different

The newest rivalry?

Valorant vs CSGO, and the exceptional degree of progress  it earned in the beta period alone, made a great deal of players characterize the game as a credible rival to CS:GO.

Be that as it may, that is truly not the case presently, right? Valorant may be a fantastically well known game right now, however we feel that it has a different objective crowd from that of CS:GO.

So both the games are digging in for the long haul, and Valorant will have the option to make its very own specialty when the eSports majors/LANs finally start up again. It will have the option to coincide with the other well known FPS titles out there and make a totally unique fan base.

Valorant vs CSGO

Both CS:GO and Valorant may appear to be fundamentally the same on paper, however practically speaking, they have a great deal of vital contrasts which help them to engage various types of gamer. Both the games require a different playstyle, and, in case you’re pondering, which of these two to go for and stick to, is totally upto the player themselves.

Let me help you decide.

Both games revolve around detonating a site


Both Valorant and CS:GO are group based games where the objective of the attacking group (which are the terrorists in CS:GO) is to take the Spike (or the Bomb in CS:GO) to a chosen site and plant it.

Eliminating the defending group before the round finishes, or before planting the bomb/spike, will end in the attackers winning. Making the Spike/Bomb go off post plant will likewise bring about the attackers winning.

Then again, the objective of the defending group (or Counter-Terrorists) is to guard the site and not let the attacking team plant or eliminate them before the round ends.


Information is key


In Valorant, much like CS:GO, a team gets the high ground by knowing about the enemies position.

In the view of the attackers, the team should be weary about where the defenders are inside the bomb site, and attempt to forcefully drive into the site and secure it. Knowing precisely where the defenders are found and staying back outside the site to momentarily gather infomation in the form of sounds, flanks and even the amount of grenades thrown in to a chokepoint can be beneficial.

For the defending team, it’s important to recognize which site will be pushed  and communicate this to the remainder of the team with the goal that they can rotate around the map quicker.


Agents rather than Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists

Cs Go

The greatest component in Valorant which separates it from CS:GO, is the player models . This is the Overwatch-like element in the game.

Valorant accompanies 11 playable agents (as of writing) and every one of them flaunts an extremely one of a kind character and set of capacities, which impact the game in totally different ways.

*insert a Valorant Agent here picture*

Thus, regardless of whether you have been a CS:GO veteran previously, learning the guns and recoil patterns simply won’t be sufficient to assist you with winning matches on their own. You should gain proficiency with the capacities of the Agents too, alongside their cooldowns and how every one of them influence ongoing interaction.

For example, in CS:GO, you are given the option of buying utility resource (Flashes,smokes,molotovs etc). While in Valorant, the utility you buy is your agents specialities. Not every one of you is able to blind the enemy or cut off a chokepoint with a well timed Molotov to deal damage to unsuspecting players. If you pick Brimstone for example, a hulk looking beast of a man, you can choose to use his ability where he calls in 3 smokes where you can choose the destination of via the map on his bracelet. Using Pheonix gives you ability to swing a ball of orange light round the corner with explodes filling your screen with an instense orange hue as if you’d been blinded by Orange juice.

So which one should you play?

Players who are new to FPS, or are not searching for something which they have to gragrind nulate for a considerable length of time to get the hang of, ought to go for Valorant. The game doesn’t have as much as a steep learning curve , and as it’s a group game revolving  around Agent’s unique abilities, it keeps the game fresh and engaging with an air of mystery if you pick an agent youre unfamiliar with.

FPS veterans who are willing to endure the grind of many matches should go for CS:GO. The learning curve is steeper, the ability to get a swift headshot requires you to practice your aim for hours, be it in aim maps,deathmatch or just jumping straight into a competitive game. There is a tactical element to it and when you get the tactics right with a sweet kill across a bombsite the satisfaction can be immeasurable. If you want to know more about CSGO here is a list of our top 5 Counter Strike Players
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