Unveiling the Ultimate Death’s Poker Build in Elden Ring: A Guide to Maximize your CTR

Unveiling the Ultimate Death’s Poker Build in Elden Ring: A Guide to Maximize Your CTR

Elden Ring has captivated gamers and fans of the Soulsborne series around the world since it was first announced in 2019. As we wait for its release in January 2022, fans are already theorizing and speculating about the game’s mechanics and builds. Today, we’ll be talking about the Death’s Poker build and how it can maximize your chances of success in Elden Ring.

What is the Death’s Poker Build?
The Death’s Poker build is a build that focuses on critical hits and devastating counterattacks. It revolves around using a piercing weapon, such as a spear or rapier, and inflicting damage to enemies with well-timed strikes. The build also utilizes a combination of magical and physical attacks to deal additional damage and stun enemies.

How to Build Death’s Poker:
To create a Death’s Poker build, you’ll need to take a few things into consideration. Firstly, you’ll need to choose your character class. Classes like Mage, Bard, or Knight are recommended, as they provide abilities that are beneficial to the build. Secondly, you’ll need to choose a primary weapon that has good piercing capabilities.

There are two main approaches to the build – either using it as a primary build or as a hybrid with a secondary build. If using it as a primary build, focus on upping Physical or Magical Attributes depending on the weapon, while incorporating Stamina to ensure you can dodge and attack with consistency. If you’re using it as a hybrid build, make sure the secondary build supports your piercing weapon’s strength by either having buffs and spells or having fast-paced movement and ranged attacks. Dex is also a key attribute to consider, as it will enhance your critical hit chances and increase the speed of your piercing weapon.

Combat Strategies for the Death’s Poker Build:
The Death’s Poker build relies heavily on counterattacks and critical hits. Therefore, it’s important to have good timing and the right equipment. Here are some strategies you can employ to maximize success:

1. Stick and Move: Move around enemies, dodge when necessary, and attack with well-timed strikes.
2. Bait and Strike: Lure enemies into attacking, dodge their attacks, and punish them with a counter strike or a critical hit.
3. Buff Your Weapon: Enhance your weapon’s damage and stun ability with spells or enchantments.
4. Spell Support: Players can initiate battles with spells that can disorient enemies and create opportunities for devastating counterattacks.
5. Parry and Riposte: With a properly timed parry, players can counterattack with high damage and stun capability.

The Death’s Poker build can be a powerful and rewarding build that requires patience, timing, and skill. In Elden Ring, where combat mechanics are more intricate and arcane than ever before, this build can be an excellent choice that can help traverse through the various bosses and enemies with ease. Follow the advice provided in this guide, and keep experimenting with different strategies until you find your groove in mastering the Death’s Poker build.


1. Can this build be used for PVP?
Yes, the Death’s Poker build can be beneficial in PVP situations, as it relies heavily on counterattacks and critical hits.

2. What class is best suited for the Death’s Poker build?
Mage, Bard, or Knight classes are recommended for this build, as they provide abilities that are beneficial to the build.

3. Is a piercing weapon necessary for the build?
Yes, piercing weapons are essential for maximizing the potential of the Death’s Poker build.

4. How does the build fare against bosses?
The build is effective against bosses, especially those with predictable attack patterns where counterattacks can be utilized.

5. Can this build be used as a secondary build?
Yes, the Death’s Poker build can be used as a hybrid with a secondary build to enhance its capabilities.

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