Unveiling the Secrets of Death’s Poker Build in Elden Ring: The Ultimate Guide to Conquer the Game!

Unveiling the Secrets of Death’s Poker Build in Elden Ring: The Ultimate Guide to Conquer the Game!

Elden Ring is one of the most anticipated games of recent times, combining the dark fantasy elements of Game of Thrones with the gameplay mechanics of the Soulsborne franchise. Players across the world are eagerly awaiting its release, and rightfully so! But with so many builds to choose from, it can be hard to know which one to focus on. For this article, we’re going to delve deeper into one of the most mysterious and exciting builds – Death’s Poker. We’ll explore how you can crush the competition and take your game to the next level.

Introduction to Death’s Poker Build

The Death’s Poker build is a dark, gritty build that focuses on agility, precision, and critical hits. The focus of this build is to get in, strike quickly, and get out, leaving your enemies dead or dying on the floor behind you. It’s a build that capitalizes on the fact that Elden Ring is a game that rewards players for taking risks and being aggressive.

Choosing Your Weapon

Choosing the right weapon is key to mastering the Death’s Poker build. The ideal weapon is one that can deliver fast strikes, has a high critical hit rate and can be used effectively in close-range combat. A great option would be the Short Sword +10, a scaled dexterity weapon with high critical damage, perfect for Death’s Poker. The Buckler shield is also a great option as it provides additional parry frames in each move, which is crucial when playing Death’s Poker. Another great option is the Bloodborne inspired Chikage Blade, which deals heavy blood damage in combat.

Stats Allocation

Another crucial aspect of the Death’s Poker build is your stats allocation. The key stats to prioritize are dexterity, vitality, and endurance. Dexterity enhances your attack and critical hit rate. Vitality increases your maximum health and endurance, which is necessary to maintain your stamina in battle. You need to prioritize these stats based on the playstyle that suits you best while playing Death’s Poker.

Armor and Gear Choice

Armor and gear selection is just as important in Death’s Poker as weapon and stats allocation – after all, you want to get in, deal damage, and get out quickly. Wearing light armor is crucial to this build, as it allows you to maintain mobility and agility. It’s important to avoid getting bogged down with heavy armor as it will hinder your movement speed, drastically reducing your effectiveness in combat. Equipment selection with high levels of dexterity and critical hit rates will provide the necessary bonuses and accessibility in-game.

Mastering Techniques

Now that you’ve got your weapon, stats, and armor sorted, it’s time to start mastering the core techniques of the Death’s Poker build. The primary move to focus on is the backstab, which can deal immense damage to your enemy. The trick is to pull off a critical hit using a fast, light attack, and to be in the right position behind your opponent. Employing dodge rolling, Parry and counter-attack techniques, and using the unique combo attacks of various weapons should be carefully practiced to master quick kills.


In summary, the Death’s Poker build is an excellent method to approach the gameplay of Elden Ring, especially if you appreciate sneaky and agile moving gameplay. Mastering the build requires focusing on agility, precision, and critical hits. The weapon selection, stats allocation, armor and gear choice, and mastering critical moves are crucial in executing the Death’s Poker build successfully. With plenty of practice, you’ll be able to move quickly, strike efficiently, and come out on top more often than not.


1. What is Death’s Poker build in Elden Ring?
Answer – It is a build that capitalizes on agility, precision, and critical hits to swiftly defeat your enemies.

2. What weapon should I use for the Death’s Poker build?
Answer – The Short Sword +10, Chikage Blade, and Buckler Shield are all great options for the build.

3. What stats should I focus on for Death’s Poker build?
Answer – Dexterity, vitality, and endurance are critical stats for Death’s Poker build.

4. What is the best armor to use for Death’s Poker build?
Answer – Lightweight armor that enhances mobility and agility is best for the Death’s Poker build.

5. Is the Death’s Poker build the best option for all players?
Answer – The Death’s Poker build is recommended for those who prefer fast, agile gameplay with an emphasis on critical hits. However, each player should choose a build that meets their preferred gameplay style.

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