Unveiling the Secrets of Death’s Poker Build in Elden Ring – A Guide to Become Unbeatable!

Unveiling the Secrets of Death’s Poker Build in Elden Ring – A Guide to Become Unbeatable!

Eager gamers have been waiting for what seems like an eternity for the highly anticipated release of Elden Ring. A game that is much more than just a game – a masterpiece that challenges the mind and soul, taking the player on a journey through the fantastical land of Elden Ring. In this journey, players face perilous battles against the most intimidating foes imaginable. To succeed, you’ll require more than just skill – you need to have a build that’s up to the task.

This article covers the Death’s Poker Build – a build that has proven to be unbeatable in the world of Elden Ring.

Introduction to Death’s Poker Build

Death’s Poker build is arguably one of the strongest builds in Elden Ring. Any player adopting this build will need to stack vitality and damage reduction in order to withstand enemy attacks. The build also involves the use of a shield, which provides a reliable means of defense against enemy attacks that could cause significant damage.

To begin the build, the player must first create a character that has high endurance and vitality stats. When it comes to equipment, choosing armor with high damage and fire resistance is recommended. This allows players to become resistant to damage over time.

The magic of the Death’s Poker build lies in the shield that’s used. Players must choose a large, stable shield that has a high stability stat. Stability helps to reduce the amount of stamina lost when blocking an attack. The less stamina lost, the longer the player can hold out during battle.

Another crucial component of the Death’s Poker build is the weapon of choice. The best weapon to use in this build is a rapier. Rapiers are fast and effective in poking through enemy’s defenses. This allows players to maintain their guard while poking in quick, damaging jabs.

Using the Build Effectively

One of the most important aspects of this build is the need to maintain high stamina. Players can do this by only attacking when they have enough stamina left to block or dodge any incoming attacks. It’s important to note that the shield should always be kept up unless a player is prepared to dodge an attack.

As mentioned earlier, the rapier is the best weapon of choice in this build. Players should aim to strike their target with quick and fast strikes. Rapiers are perfect for this – they have a quick attack animation followed by a short rest period in which the stamina bar can replenish.

When facing larger enemies, players shouldn’t be afraid to back up and let their target come to them. Maintaining distance is the key to winning against enemies that have slow movement speed or that take time to wind up for attacks.


In conclusion, players who wish to use the Death’s Poker Build must have high endurance and vitality stats. They should also focus on improving their resistance to damage over time by choosing heavy armor that offers high damage and fire resistance. Players must also choose a shield with a high stability stat and a rapier as their weapon of choice. Combining these elements will make a character virtually unbeatable against enemies of all types and sizes.

Now, are you ready to take on the world of Elden Ring with the Death’s Poker Build? We bet you are!


Q: Is the Death’s Poker Build suitable for beginners?
A: No, this build is recommended for advanced players who have a good understanding of the game’s combat mechanics.

Q: What kind of armor is recommended for the Death’s Poker Build?
A: Heavy armor that offers high damage and fire resistance is recommended for this build.

Q: Can players use any shield in this build?
A: No, players must choose a large, stable shield with a high stability stat.

Q: Why is it important to maintain distance when facing larger enemies?
A: Maintaining distance helps players avoid taking damage from the enemy’s slow wind-up attacks.

Q: Is the Death’s Poker Build effective in co-op mode?
A: Yes, players can use this build in co-op mode as well. It’s important to coordinate with your teammates to ensure you are using the build effectively.

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