Unveiling the secrets of Death’s Poker Build in Elden Ring: A comprehensive guide

Title: Unveiling the secrets of Death’s Poker Build in Elden Ring: A comprehensive guide


Elden Ring has taken the gaming world by storm since its release in early 2022. Its vast open-world design, challenging gameplay, and plethora of customization options have made it a favorite among gamers worldwide. One such customization option that’s caught the eye of fans is the Death’s Poker Build. In this article, we will delve deep into this unique build’s secrets, covering everything from its core attributes to its insane weapon combinations.

Core Attributes:

First and foremost, it’s important to know the core attributes that go into making the Death’s Poker Build. The most vital stat is Strength, followed by Endurance and Vitality. While other stats such as Dexterity and Intelligence can be useful, they aren’t as important as the core ones mentioned.


The Death’s Poker Build’s true strength lies in its weapon combination. As the name suggests, this build revolves around the use of spears and thrusting swords. Players can mix and match the two types of weapons to create deadly combinations that can take down even the toughest of enemies.

One such combination is the use of a spear and a rapier. Spears are excellent for the long-range damage while rapiers excel at close quarters. Players can use the spear to keep enemies at bay and switch to the rapier when the enemy gets too close.


While not as crucial as the core attributes or the weapon combinations, armor is still an essential part of any build. In the case of Death’s Poker Build, players should aim to equip lighter armor that doesn’t hinder their mobility. This allows the player to quickly move in and out of combat, making it easier to execute their weapon combinations.


Spells may not be a significant aspect of the Death’s Poker Build, but they can still be useful in certain situations. Players can equip support spells such as Heal or Magic Shield to aid them in combat. However, it’s important not to rely too heavily on spells, as they can drain the player’s magic points quickly.


The Death’s Poker Build is a formidable build that requires skill and patience to master. Its unique weapon combinations and core attributes make it a popular choice for players who enjoy challenging gameplay. Remember to focus on the core attributes, mix and match weapons, and equip light armor to get the most out of this build.


Q1. Can the Death’s Poker Build be used in PvP?

A1. Yes, but it requires a lot of skill and practice.

Q2. What are some good weapon combinations for this build?

A2. Spears and rapiers are highly recommended, but players can mix and match any combination of thrusting swords and spears to suit their playstyle.

Q3. Should I focus on Strength or Endurance for this build?

A3. Both stats are essential for this build, but it’s recommended to prioritize Strength.

Q4. Are there any specific armor sets that work well with this build?

A4. Lighter armor sets that don’t hinder the player’s mobility are ideal for this build.

Q5. Can spells be useful with this build?

A5. Yes, but it’s important not to rely too heavily on spells and drain your magic points quickly. Support spells like Heal and Magic Shield can be useful in certain situations.

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