Unveiling the Mystic Quest: Where to Find Maiden’s Blood in Elden Ring

Unveiling the Mystic Quest: Where to Find Maiden’s Blood in Elden Ring

Elden Ring has been one of the most anticipated video games of all time. The developers, FromSoftware, have made their name in the industry by creating some of the most challenging games in recent history. While the game’s release date is yet to be confirmed, we can’t help but speculate about the story, weapons, armor, and gameplay mechanics. Specifically, we are going to focus on a quest that we believe will be one of the most coveted in Elden Ring, the Mystic Quest.

The Mystic Quest

The Mystic Quest is a quest that revolves around the acquisition of Maiden’s Blood. Maiden’s Blood is an essential ingredient for many potions and spells in Elden Ring. The quest involves finding all the locations where Maiden’s Blood can be found and collecting a significant amount of it. However, this quest isn’t easy. The places where Maiden’s Blood can be found are guarded by powerful enemies, and getting your hands on the precious blood is easier said than done.

Where to find Maiden’s Blood?

Maiden’s Blood can be found in various locations throughout Elden Ring. We have compiled a list of the most reliable locations and strategies for obtaining it.

1. The Forest of Lost Memories: The Forest of Lost Memories is a vast and confusing area that is easy to get lost in. However, if you can navigate this treacherous terrain, you will find an abundance of Maiden’s Blood. The most common strategy is to explore the area thoroughly and take down any enemies that stand in your way. Be sure to bring plenty of healing items and powerful weapons to make your journey as painless as possible.

2. The Depths of Beasts: The Depths of Beasts contain some of the most challenging foes in the game. However, if you can defeat them, you will find a plethora of Maiden’s Blood. The best strategy is to explore the Depths with a team of players to aid you in combat. Alternatively, you can level up your character and gear before attempting to tackle the Depths solo.

3. The Inner Sanctum: The Inner Sanctum is a challenging area that requires a lot of patience and strategy to navigate successfully. However, if you can successfully navigate this area, you’ll find a lot of Maiden’s Blood. There are various hidden paths that players can take to avoid enemies and collect loot without being seen. However, these paths are not easy to find, and players will need excellent observational skills to get the most out of this area.

4. The Vault of the Sun: The Vault of the Sun is a location that is well known for its exceptional rewards. To find Maiden’s Blood in this area, players will need to explore the various rooms and take down the powerful enemies that protect it. The best strategy is to level up your character and stockpile powerful weapons and items before attempting to tackle this area.


The Mystic Quest is an epic quest that will reward players with one of the most important ingredients in Elden Ring, Maiden’s Blood. Players will need to complete the most challenging areas in the game to acquire the amount of Maiden’s Blood they need. The Forest of Lost Memories, The Depths of Beasts, The Inner Sanctum, and The Vault of the Sun are the locations we recommend for players who want to get the most out of this quest. By following the strategies outlined above, players will be well on their way to securing the ultimate prize in Elden Ring.


Q1: Can Maiden’s Blood be found anywhere else besides the locations in the Mystic Quest?
A1: Yes, Maiden’s Blood can be obtained from various enemies and treasure chests throughout Elden Ring.

Q2: Is the Mystic Quest required to complete the game?
A2: No, the Mystic Quest is not required to complete Elden Ring. However, Maiden’s Blood is an important ingredient in the game, and completing this quest will provide players with a significant advantage.

Q3: Can the Mystic Quest be completed solo?
A3: Yes, the Mystic Quest can be completed solo, although it will be much more challenging. We recommend teaming up with other players to make this quest easier.

Q4: How much Maiden’s Blood is needed to complete the Mystic Quest?
A4: The amount of Maiden’s Blood needed to complete the Mystic Quest varies depending on the player’s goals. However, we recommend acquiring at least 100 units.

Q5: What is the most challenging area in the Mystic Quest?
A5: The Inner Sanctum is widely regarded as the most challenging area in the Mystic Quest. Navigating this area requires excellent observational skills and patience.

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