Unveiling the Mystery: Reasons Behind Unable to Join a Friend in Elden Ring

As fans of the action RPG genre eagerly await the release of Elden Ring, there has been a growing concern among players regarding the inability to join friends in the game. This concern has sparked many questions and theories among fans, but what are the actual reasons behind being unable to join a friend in Elden Ring?

Perplexity and Burstiness in Joining Friends in Elden Ring

One of the main reasons behind being unable to join friends in Elden Ring is the complexity of the game’s network connectivity. The game’s servers require stable connections and consistent player actions to ensure the smooth operation of the game. This can create issues when trying to join a friend in the game, especially when there is a high volume of players logging on at the same time. This burstiness can lead to delays in joining friends, and sometimes it may not be possible at all.

Another perplexing aspect is the lack of clarity around how players are matched with their friends in Elden Ring. In games like Dark Souls and Bloodborne, players can use passwords to match with friends, but information about how that system will work in Elden Ring is scarce. As a result, players may feel uncertain about how to successfully join a friend in the game.

Technical Issues Affecting Elden Ring’s Connectivity

Technical issues can also play a role in the problems players face when trying to join friends in Elden Ring. These issues can include outages on the game’s servers, compatibility problems, or issues with individual players’ internet connections.

Additionally, the console may have firmware or software updates that could affect the game’s network connectivity or gameplay mechanics. Making sure that both the game and console are updated to the latest version can increase the chances of having a smooth connection in the game.

Considerations for Joining Friends in Elden Ring

To improve your chances of being able to join a friend in Elden Ring, here are some tips to keep in mind:

1. Both players must have the same password set to join each other in the game. This ensures that the matchmaking system connects only with the players who have the same password.

2. Players must have a stable internet connection to join each other in the game. A poor internet connection can lead to delays or errors when trying to connect.

3. If you have updated your game, be sure to check if your friend has updated their game as well. Having the same version of the game can improve gameplay and connectivity.

4. Be aware of any potential compatibility issues with your console or firmware.

5. If you’re still having difficulty joining your friend, contact the game’s support team for assistance.


Joining friends in Elden Ring can be a fun way to explore the game’s world and take on difficult enemies together. While the game’s network connectivity can pose some challenges, players can take steps to improve their chances of successfully joining a friend in the game. With time and effort, players can overcome any issues and enjoy the game’s multiplayer features to their fullest potential.

FAQs About Joining Friends in Elden Ring

1. How can I set a password for Elden Ring?
– You can set a password by going to the Options menu within the game’s network settings.

2. Can I play Elden Ring with friends on different consoles?
– No, the game is not cross-platform, so you can only play with friends on the same console.

3. Why is a stable internet connection important for joining friends in Elden Ring?
– A stable internet connection ensures that the game’s servers can communicate with each other, providing a smooth and stable connection between players.

4. How can I update my console to the latest firmware or software?
– Check your console’s settings to see if there are any updates available. You may also be prompted to update when starting the console or game.

5. Will Elden Ring have voice chat for multiplayer?
– Currently, there is no information available regarding voice chat in Elden Ring’s multiplayer mode.

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