Unveiling The Most Lethal Build In Elden Ring: Death’s Poker

Unveiling The Most Lethal Build In Elden Ring: Death’s Poker

Elden Ring is one of the most anticipated games in recent years, combining the magnificence of Dark Souls with the grandiosity of Game of Thrones. As we wait for its release, one question lingers among fans: what will be the most lethal build to conquer the challenges of Elden Ring?

After extensive research and analysis, we’ve uncovered the most potent build in the game: Death’s Poker. In this article, we’ll unveil the secrets behind Death’s Poker and how to master it to become an undefeatable warrior in Elden Ring.

What Is Death’s Poker?

Death’s Poker is a build that focuses on three core stats: strength, dexterity, and luck. The goal is to wield a weapon that inflicts bleed damage, which causes the enemy to lose health over time. This build is lethal against enemies with high health but vulnerable to bleed damage, such as bosses and knights.

To achieve Death’s Poker, you must first upgrade your strength and dexterity to their maximum levels. Then, equip a weapon that inflicts bleed damage, such as the Morning Sun or the Bloodletter. Finally, invest in luck to increase the chance of landing a critical hit, which inflicts more bleed damage.

How To Make The Most Of Death’s Poker?

Death’s Poker is not just about weapon selection but also about the way you approach combat. To make the most of this build, you must be swift and precise in your attacks, dodging enemy strikes and landing critical hits. Here are some tips to optimize Death’s Poker:

1. Use the right weapon: Weapons like the Morning Sun or the Bloodletter are excellent choices for Death’s Poker, as they deal massive bleed damage. However, you must find a weapon that suits your playstyle and level.

2. Focus on critical hits: Critical hits increase the bleed damage inflicted on the enemy, so level up your luck and aim for the vulnerability points of the enemy.

3. Use the power of magic: Spells like Bleed Mist and Poison Mist can enhance the bleed damage you inflict on enemies, so invest in magic and use spells wisely.

4. Upgrade your gear: Investing in gear that boosts your strength, dexterity, and luck can make a significant difference in your damage output and survivability.

5. Learn enemy patterns: Knowing the attack patterns of enemies can help you dodge strikes and find vulnerability points.

Why Is Death’s Poker The Most Lethal Build?

Death’s Poker is lethal for several reasons. First, it focuses on bleed damage, which is a deadly and continuous damage source that can chip away even the toughest enemies’ health. Second, it requires a precise and skillful approach to combat, making it a challenging yet rewarding build. Finally, it’s versatile, allowing you to adapt and optimize your build based on your playstyle and the challenges you encounter.


In conclusion, Death’s Poker is undoubtedly the most lethal build in Elden Ring. Combining strength, dexterity, and luck, this build can inflict massive bleed damage and render even the most fearsome enemies vulnerable. By following the tips outlined in this article, you can master Death’s Poker and become the most skilled and deadliest warrior in Elden Ring.


1. Can Death’s Poker be used in PVP combat?

Yes, Death’s Poker can be used in PVP combat, but it requires a highly skilled and precise approach since PVP combat involves more unpredictable factors than PVE combat.

2. Can Death’s Poker be used against bosses with high immunity to bleed damage?

Yes, but it requires a different approach. You can use spells, weapon buffs, or find other vulnerabilities to exploit.

3. Is Luck the most important stat for Death’s Poker?

No, strength and dexterity are equally important since they determine the damage output and scaling of the weapon.

4. What gear should I use for Death’s Poker?

Gear that boosts your strength, dexterity, and luck is recommended. Rings that enhance critical hits and bleed damage are also useful.

5. Can Death’s Poker be used in New Game+?

Yes, but enemies will become tougher, so you must adjust your build accordingly and be more cautious.

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