Unveiling the Epic Death’s Poker Build in Elden Ring: A Must-Try for Every Gamer

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Unveiling the Epic Death’s Poker Build in Elden Ring: A Must-Try for Every Gamer

Are you ready to embrace the power of death and dominate your enemies in Elden Ring, the upcoming action role-playing game from the visionary creative duo of Hidetaka Miyazaki and George R. R. Martin? If so, then you need to build your character around the deadly and stylish Death’s Poker strategy, which combines speed, deception, and precision into a lethal art form.

In this article, I will guide you through the key elements of the Death’s Poker build, from the starting class selection to the weapon choices, the armor sets, and the stat allocations. By following my advice and adapting it to your playstyle, you will be able to master the intricacies of this build and become a legend in the land of Elden Ring.

Starting Class: Assassin

To begin your journey as a Death’s Poker master, you should choose the Assassin class, which starts with higher agility and dexterity stats, as well as the Spook spell that lets you move silently and fall safely from high places. These initial advantages are crucial for your mobility and stealth, allowing you to dodge attacks, backstab enemies, and explore the environments more efficiently.

Weapon Choices: Katanas and Daggers

As a Death’s Poker user, you need weapons that can deliver quick and deadly strikes, while also allowing you to maintain distance and maneuverability. The best choices for this build are katanas and daggers, which have fast and unpredictable movesets that can confuse and overwhelm your opponents. Moreover, katanas and daggers can be infused with various elements and buffs that enhance their damage, range, and critical hits.

Armor Sets: Lightweight and Fashionable

While you don’t need heavy armor to survive as a Death’s Poker player, you still need some protection and style to express your personality and intimidate your foes. Therefore, you should focus on finding lightweight and fashionable armor sets that complement your chosen weapons and enhance your aesthetics. Some good options include the Thief’s set for its agility and stealth bonuses, the Black Leather set for its poison resistance and edginess, and the Eastern set for its martial flair and elemental defense.

Stat Allocations: Dexterity and Endurance

To optimize your Death’s Poker build, you should prioritize your stat allocations around dexterity and endurance, which respectively increase your weapon damage and your stamina regeneration. You should aim for at least 40-50 points in both stats, while also investing some points in vitality for extra HP and attunement for extra spell slots. Avoid investing too much in strength or intelligence, as they are less important for this build and may waste your precious points.

Strategy Tips: Stealth, Counter, and Parry

To use the Death’s Poker build effectively in Elden Ring, you need to master some core strategies that exploit your strengths and weaken your opponents. Firstly, you should use your stealth abilities to backstab enemies, avoid ambushes, and initiate surprise attacks. Secondly, you should counter your foes’ attacks with quick dodges, blocks, and ripostes, and punish their mistakes with swift strikes. Thirdly, you should parry your enemies’ attacks with precise timing and follow up with devastating critical hits. By combining these strategies with your weapon movesets and spell choices, you can become a deadly force in any encounter.

In conclusion, the Death’s Poker build is an epic and unique way to play Elden Ring, offering both style and substance to those who dare to try it. Whether you are a veteran of Miyazaki’s other games, a fan of Martin’s fantasy stories, or a newcomer to the genre, you should definitely give this build a chance and bring honor to your character’s name. So, prepare your katana or dagger, don your favorite armor, and embark on your journey to the land of the Elden Ring, where death can be your greatest weapon.


1. Can I use other weapons besides katanas and daggers in the Death’s Poker build?

Yes, you can use other weapons that have similar characteristics, such as curved swords, thrusting swords, or even fists. However, katanas and daggers are the most iconic and effective choices for this build, so I recommend sticking with them if possible.

2. Which infusion or buff should I use on my weapons for the Death’s Poker build?

It depends on your preferences and the enemies you face, but some good options include sharp infusion for higher dexterity scaling, lightning or fire buff for extra damage against certain foes, and bleeding or poison infusion for additional status effects.

3. Can I combine the Death’s Poker build with magic or miracles?

Yes, you can add some spells or miracles to your build, especially those that enhance your mobility or deception, such as Hidden Body, Chameleon, or Twisted Wall of Light. However, you should avoid relying too much on magic or miracles, as they may slow down your gameplay or compromise your agility.

4. How can I optimize my Death’s Poker build for PvP?

To succeed in player versus player combat with the Death’s Poker build, you need to be even more careful and unpredictable, as your opponents may be more skilled and aware of your tactics. Some tips include using different weapons and armor sets to confuse your foes, using consumables like throwing knives or poison moss to counter their healing or buffs, and using the terrain and verticality to your advantage.

5. Can I use the Death’s Poker build in cooperative play or against bosses?

Yes, you can adapt the Death’s Poker build to work with other players or against bosses, but you need to adjust your tactics and priorities accordingly. For example, you may focus on distracting or flanking enemies while your allies deal damage or heal, or you may focus on parrying or backstabbing bosses while avoiding their attacks or spells. Remember to communicate with your team and adapt to their needs and styles.

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