Unveiling the Deadly Poker Build in Elden Ring: Is it Worth the Risk?

Unveiling the Deadly Poker Build in Elden Ring: Is It Worth the Risk?

Elden Ring is an upcoming action role-playing game that has already gained much attention in the gaming world. The game is being developed by FromSoftware, the creators of Souls, Bloodborne, and Sekiro, which are all known for their challenging gameplay and a wide range of character builds. Elden Ring promises to offer players the freedom to craft their own character builds, and among them, the poker build is turning heads. In this article, we will take a closer look at the deadly poker build in Elden Ring and analyze if it’s worth the risk.

What is the Poker Build?

The poker build is a type of character build that maximizes critical damage by stacking critical chance and damage. The idea behind the poker build is to land as many critical hits as possible, dealing substantial damage to the enemy. The build usually revolves around using slow and heavy weapons, such as greatswords, hammers, and axes, that have higher critical hit multipliers, making each critical hit even more lethal.

Risks of the Poker Build

The poker build is undoubtedly deadly, but it comes at a significant risk. The primary risk associated with the poker build is its low survivability. Because the build focuses on dealing critical hits, it tends to neglect other essential stats, such as stamina, health, and defense. This makes the poker build highly vulnerable to enemy attacks, and a single mistake can be fatal. Furthermore, the build relies heavily on the player’s skill to land critical hits consistently. Missing a hit can significantly lower the build’s effectiveness, and because of its slow play style, it might be challenging to land hits on quick and agile enemies.

Benefits of the Poker Build

Despite its risks, the poker build offers significant benefits to skilled players. The build’s high critical damage makes it incredibly effective against boss fights and tough enemies that have high health pools. When combined with attack boosting spells, such as temporary weapon buffs, the poker build can deal massive damage in a short amount of time, making it one of the most potent character builds in the game.


In conclusion, the poker build is undoubtedly a deadly option in Elden Ring. Its high critical damage makes it a viable option for skilled players who can land critical hits consistently. However, it comes with a significant risk due to its low survivability, which makes it unsuitable for inexperienced or casual players. Ultimately, whether a player chooses to use the poker build or not depends on their play style and skill level.


Q: Is the poker build suitable for beginners?
A: No, the poker build is not suitable for beginners due to its low survivability and the skill it requires to land critical hits consistently.

Q: Which weapon type is best for the poker build?
A: Slow and heavy weapons, such as greatswords, hammers, and axes, are best suited for the poker build due to their high critical hit multipliers.

Q: Can the poker build be used in PVP?
A: The poker build is not recommended for PVP as it is highly vulnerable to enemy attacks and requires a specific play style that might not be suitable for PVP scenarios.

Q: Which stats should be prioritized for the poker build?
A: The poker build should prioritize critical chance and damage stats, followed by stamina and health. Defense can be neglected to some extent, but too low defense can be fatal.

Q: How do I make the best use of the poker build?
A: To make the best use of the poker build, make sure to land critical hits wherever possible and use temporary weapon buffs to boost your attack damage. Practice your timing and positioning to avoid enemy attacks and use counterattacks to your advantage.

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