Unveiling the Deadly Poker Build in Elden Ring: How to Dominate the Ring with Death’s Strategies

Unveiling the Deadly Poker Build in Elden Ring: How to Dominate the Ring with Death’s Strategies

Are you looking for a way to dominate the Elden Ring Poker matches? Look no further than the Deadly Poker Build. This build is favored by many players due to its effectiveness in dealing damage while also providing great defense. In this article, we’ll dive into the specifics of the Deadly Poker Build and share tips and strategies to help you dominate your matches.

Understanding the Deadly Poker Build

The key to the Deadly Poker Build is using a combination of high vitality, strength, and dexterity. This build focuses on two main weapons: the mace and the spear. The mace is used for its heavy and powerful strike, which can deal staggering damage to opponents. The spear is used for its high-speed attacks that can pierce through an enemy’s defenses.

In addition to weapons, the Deadly Poker Build also relies on a full set of plate armor to provide high defense against enemy attacks. This armor set is not only durable, but it also provides additional strength and vitality to the player.

Tips for Mastering the Deadly Poker Build

To truly master the Deadly Poker Build, players need to focus on timing their attacks and dodges. The mace strikes should be used sparingly but with maximum force, as they can quickly drain an opponent’s health bar. The spear attacks are best used for quick strikes and counterattacks.

Another key strategy is to focus on your opponent’s movements and patterns. Watching for tells, such as a raised shield or a slow wind-up, can help you time your attacks to land critical hits.

Using the environment to your advantage is also important in mastering the Deadly Poker Build. Using narrow corridors or obstacles to restrict your opponents’ movements can create opportunities for strategic attacks.


The Deadly Poker Build in Elden Ring is a powerful combination of strength, dexterity, and strategy. With careful timing and mastery of your weapon attacks, you can dominate your opponents in Poker matches. Remember to use your armor to your advantage, focus on your opponents’ movements, and use the environment to create opportunities for strategic strikes.


1. Can the Deadly Poker Build be used in other game modes aside from Poker?

Yes, the Deadly Poker Build can be used in other game modes as well, but it has proven to be particularly effective in Poker matches.

2. Is the Deadly Poker Build suitable for solo play?

Yes, the build is effective for solo play. However, players may need to adjust their strategy depending on the enemy type.

3. How can I further improve my Deadly Poker Build?

Players can experiment with different weapon and armor combinations to find the best fit for their playstyle. Additionally, practicing timing and strategy in battles is crucial for mastering the build.

4. Is the Deadly Poker Build recommended for new players?

The build may be difficult for new players to master, so we recommend experimenting with different builds until they find their preferred playstyle.

5. Can the Deadly Poker Build be countered by other builds?

Yes, other builds with higher speed and agility may have an advantage against the Deadly Poker Build. However, with careful strategy and timing, the build can still be effective against most enemies.

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