Unveiling the Deadly Poker Build in Elden Ring: A Guide to Mastering the Art of Death

As one of the most highly anticipated open-world games of 2022, Elden Ring has taken the gaming world by storm. With its immersive fantasy world, it has managed to stir up an unprecedented excitement amongst gamers worldwide. The game is touted to be one of the most challenging titles in recent years; players will need to apply a variety of strategies to overcome the Dark Lord’s powerful henchmen scattered throughout the game’s rich world. One such approach is mastering the infamous “Poker” build in Elden Ring, which is this article’s primary focus.

Part 1: Understanding the Poker Build

The Poker Build is a relatively new concept in the Elden Ring world, and it involves focusing on one great weapon – a long spear, a lance, or a halberd. This weapon has an incredibly long reach that can keep both your opponents and your character safe. You will then complement your weapon with specific sets of armor and stats that will help you survive massive attacks from your enemy. As mentioned, the poker build is one of the most challenging builds to manage, but it’s also one of the most rewarding. With the right strategy, you’ll be able to outwit some of the game’s most daunting bosses and breathe a sigh of relief once you have accomplished this.

Part 2: Building Your Character

Building your character is a vital step in process in achieving your desired build. The first thing you’ll need to get right is your main attribute. For the Poker Build, it’s best to focus on either strength or dex, depending on the kind of character you seek to create. You’ll also want to ensure that your character has a healthy amount of endurance so that you can keep using your weapon efficiently. It’s key to remember that the Poker Build involves dedicating the majority of your character’s stats to the primary weapon and less of those statistics go into health and vitality.

Part 3: Choosing Your Weapon

Choosing your weapon is crucial when creating your poker build. You want to go for a weapon that has a long reach, one that will help you keep your distance from your enemies. Weapons like the Winged Spear and Pike, which have significant range abilities, are perfect for this build. Additionally, you’ll want to opt for weapons that can potentially block attacks.

Part 4: Dressing for Success

The ideal gear for the Poker Build is anything that improves the stamina of the wearer or the durability of their chosen weapon. The Banded set is perfect for the build since it offers weight reduction that contributes to faster rolling and freedom of movement. For the helmet, the Knight set is a good option since it provides initial health and defense upgrades that are crucial for surviving massive attacks from bosses.

Part 5: Mastering Your Craft

To master the art of Poker Build, you need to understand your enemy and how they respond to your weapon. The ideal fighting style to adopt when engaging enemies is to keep your distance and start poking them. Avoid over-committing to long attack strings or quick-step patterns, as that could leave your guard open to devastating counters with little chances of recovery. Instead, keep the distance from the enemy and poke them continuously until they fall.


In Elden Ring, Poker Build is a unique yet deadly strategy that can give players an edge in combating the Dark Lord’s henchmen. It involves wielding a terrifyingly long weapon and mastering the mechanics of stamina management and distance creation. Implementing this build in the game requires practice, experimentation, and careful planning, but it also comes with high reward pay-offs. With a mixture of the right weapon, armor, and player strategy, you can finally emerge victorious in this challenging game.


1. Can the poker build be used while playing cooperatively?
Yes, the poker build is suited to both solo and communal play.

2. Is choosing the right weapon crucial in the poker build?
Yes, selecting the weapon is crucial because it determines how well a player can keep distance from their opponent.

3. Does this build have weaknesses?
Yes, those using this build are incredibly vulnerable to quick and heavy-hitting weapons.

4. How do I deal with enemies that move quickly and attack often?
One effective strategy is to use multiple pokes instead of extended swings to create distance and allow you to mount a counter.

5. Can I use the poker build once I’ve chosen my primary weapon?
Yes! The Poker build can be practiced with any weapon type that is inherently longer and more potent than the enemy.

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