Unveiling the Deadly Poker Build in Elden Ring: A Guide to Dominate Your Opponents

Unveiling the Deadly Poker Build in Elden Ring: A Guide to Dominate Your Opponents

Are you tired of losing your every poker match in Elden Ring? Do you want to dominate your opponents and become the king of this game? If so, then you need to learn about the deadly poker build.

The poker build is a powerful and deadly combination of status effects and item buffs that can turn the tide of any poker match. It revolves around using specific techniques and items that can confuse, poison, and deal massive damage to your opponents. In this article, we will unveil the secrets of the deadly poker build and show you how to dominate any opponent in Elden Ring.

Understanding the Poker Build

To create the perfect poker build, you need to understand how Elden Ring’s status effects work. There are several status effects in the game, such as poison, bleed, curse, and more. Each of these effects can cause damage to your opponent’s health bar over time, making them more vulnerable to your attacks.

The poker build revolves around using items and techniques that can inflict these status effects on your opponents. For instance, you can use poison bombs, toxic mist, or poisonous weapons to poison your enemies. You can also use bleed weapons, such as a spiked mace, to deal massive damage to your opponents.

In addition to status effects, the poker build also utilizes item buffs. These buffs can further enhance your attacks and make them more deadly. For example, you can use resins, such as fire or lightning, to imbue your weapon with elemental damage. You can also use magical items, such as aromatic ooze or gold pine resin, to deal magical damage.

Creating Your Poker Build

To create the perfect poker build, you need to focus on specific attributes and stats. For starters, you need a high dexterity and intelligence score to use and imbue a variety of weapons. You also need a high endurance and vitality score to dodge attacks and survive your enemy’s assault.

You should also invest in specific skills that can enhance your poker build, such as poison or bleed infusion. For example, the poison infusion will add poison damage to your weapon, while the bleed infusion will increase your bleeding effect.

Finally, you need to equip the right gear and items that can enhance your poker build. For instance, you should equip armor that offers high poison and bleed resistance. You can also use rings that increase your health, stamina, and damage output.

Dominating Your Opponents

Now that you’ve created your deadly poker build, it’s time to show your opponents who’s the boss. To dominate your opponents, you need to use specific strategies and techniques.

Start by applying poison and bleed effects on your enemies. Use status inflicting items, such as poison bombs or bleeding knives, to deal damage over time. You can also use a bow or a crossbow to apply the poison or bleed effect from a distance.

Once your enemy is poisoned or bleeding, it’s time to unleash your full power. Use your infused weapons or elemental buffs to deal massive damage. Use your dodging skills to avoid your opponent’s attacks and move around the battlefield to get into the perfect position to strike.


The deadly poker build can turn you into a poker champion in Elden Ring. Understanding the status effects, creating the perfect build, and using specific strategies can help you dominate your opponents in every match. But remember, the poker build is not foolproof, and every enemy has its weakness. Always adapt to your opponent’s strategy and exploit their weakness to ensure victory.


1. Can the poker build work in PVP matches?
Yes, the poker build can be effective in PVP matches, although your opponents may have resistance to certain status effects.

2. What die rolls are important for the poker build?
Dexterity, intelligence, endurance, and vitality are the primary stats for a poker build.

3. What equipment should I use for the poker build?
Choose armor that offers high poison and bleeding resistance, and use rings that increase health, stamina, and damage output.

4. Can the poker build work for all classes?
The poker build can work for any class, but it may be more effective for classes with a focus on dexterity and intelligence.

5. What are some good weapons for the poker build?
Spiked mace, washing pole, and poisoned arrows are great weapons for a poker build.

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