Unveiling Death’s Poker Build in Elden Ring: The Ultimate Guide for Hardcore Gamers

Unveiling Death’s Poker Build in Elden Ring: The Ultimate Guide for Hardcore Gamers

Elden Ring has been one of the most anticipated games of recent times, and the hype surrounding it is well-justified. FromSoftware has always been known to build games with intricate and engaging mechanics, and Elden Ring promises to be no different. Fans of the Dark Souls series will feel right at home, but with plenty of new mechanics to delve into. One of the most interesting builds that players can experiment with in Elden Ring is the infamous Death’s Poker Build. In this article, we’ll be exploring this build in-depth, uncovering everything you need to know.

What is the Death’s Poker Build?

The Death’s Poker Build is a unique build that revolves around critical hits and bleed damage. The core idea is to stack critical hit chance and critical hit damage bonuses to deal massive amounts of damage on each hit. Additionally, you’ll be complementing this with bleed damage to further increase your damage output. The build is perfect for players who like to deal significant damage while maintaining agility and mobility.

Building Your Character

To begin, we’ll need to create a new character and choose a class that best fits the build. For this, the Thief class is an excellent starting point as it provides a high starting Dexterity, which is one of the primary stats of this build. Additionally, it also has a higher critical hit chance than other classes, making it perfect for this build.

Once you have chosen your class, focus on leveling up your Dexterity and Luck stat as the primary goal. Dexterity provides a higher critical hit chance, while Luck increases your item discovery and critical hit damage. Additionally, you can also level up your Endurance, which will help you maintain your agility and mobility in combat.

Gearing Up

The next step is to find the right gear to complement your build. You’ll want to focus on obtaining weapons and armor that provide high critical hit chance and critical hit damage bonuses. It’s also crucial to have weapons that inflict bleed damage.

A good starting weapon for this build is the Thief Sword, which has a high critical hit chance and bleed damage. Additionally, the Blood Sword and Wraith Blade are also excellent weapons that can be acquired later in the game. As for armor, you’ll want gear that provides light resistance and mobility, as this build heavily relies on agility in combat.

Combat Strategy

In combat, the strategy for the Death’s Poker Build revolves around landing critical hits and inflicting bleed damage. You’ll want to focus on dodging and positioning yourself correctly to land powerful strikes on your opponent, triggering critical hits as often as possible.

It’s also essential to manage your stamina efficiently, as you’ll be relying on dodges and quick strikes to take down opponents. You can use consumables like Green Blossom to increase your stamina regeneration rate or use the Quickstep skill to move quickly around the battlefield.


The Death’s Poker Build is a powerful build that requires skill and strategy to master. With high critical hit chance and critical hit damage bonuses, and bleed damage, you’ll be able to take down enemies quickly and efficiently. Remember to focus on Dexterity, Luck, and Endurance, and gear up with the right weapons and armor. With the right combination of gear and combat strategy, you’ll be able to take Elden Ring by storm.


1. Can the Death’s Poker Build work with any class?
– While other classes can make this build effective, the Thief class is the best starting point.

2. Is this build better for PvE or PvP?
– This build can work for both PvP and PvE, but it’s more efficient in PvE.

3. What are some of the best weapons for this build?
– The Thief Sword, Blood Sword, and Wraith Blade are excellent weapons for the Death’s Poker Build.

4. Are there any specific armor sets that work well with this build?
– Armor sets that provide light resistance and mobility are best suited for this build.

5. Is this build viable for early-game content?
– Yes, this build can work from the early stages of the game, provided you have the right gear and focus on the right stats.

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