Unravel the Mystery: The Intense World of Dishonored Comic Series

Unravel the Mystery: The Intense World of Dishonored Comic Series

The world of Dishonored is one of mystery, intrigue, and dark secrets. For fans of this popular video game franchise, the Dishonored comic series offers an immersive and intense way to explore this world even further. In this article, we’ll delve into the backstory and plot of the Dishonored comics and discover why they’re worth reading.

Introduction to Dishonored Comics

The Dishonored comic series is set in the same fictional world as the video game franchise of the same name, which was developed by Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. The first comic, entitled Dishonored: The Wyrmwood Deceit, was released in November 2016 and takes place after the events of the first Dishonored game. It was written by Gordon Rennie and illustrated by Andrea Olimpieri, with colors by Marcelo Maiolo and letters by Rob Steen.

Since then, the series has expanded with more issues, spin-offs, and graphic novels. The comics are published by Titan Comics and are available in print and digital formats.

Story Synopsis

The Dishonored comic series follows the adventures of Corvo Attano, the protagonist of the first game, and Emily Kaldwin, the Empress of the Isles. The two share a special bond as Corvo was assigned as Emily’s bodyguard, and he becomes her mentor and guardian when she is deposed and exiled.

In The Wyrmwood Deceit, Corvo and Emily find themselves in the city of Dunwall, where they investigate a mysterious plague that is turning people into grotesque monsters. They encounter a gang of witches known as the Brigmore coven and their leader, Delilah. They also discover that Delilah has taken over Emily’s throne and is using her power to control the city.

The rest of the series delves deeper into the mysteries of the Dishonored world. They uncover a sinister plot involving the creation of synthetic humans called Clockwork Soldiers, the manipulation of the Void (a supernatural energy source), and the machinations of rival factions vying for power in the Isles.

Themes and Characters

The Dishonored comics explore themes of power, corruption, and vengeance. As the protagonists navigate through various factions and conspiracies, they struggle with their own morality and the consequences of their actions. Corvo is a stoic and seasoned warrior who carries the weight of his past mistakes. Emily is his foil, a young and idealistic ruler who must learn how to balance her emotions and her responsibilities.

Other characters from the games make appearances in the comics, including Daud, the assassin who killed Emily’s mother, and Billie Lurk, his protegee. These characters add depth and complexity to the series, and their interactions with Corvo and Emily drive the plot forward.

Art and Style

The art style of the Dishonored comics is dynamic and evocative. The illustrations are rich in detail and color, and the action sequences are thrilling and cinematic. Olimpieri’s art captures the mood and tone of the Dishonored world, with its Victorian-inspired architecture and supernatural elements.

The approach to storytelling is also notable. The pacing of the comics is deliberate, with each issue building upon the previous one. The writing is sharp and concise, with dialogue that feels natural and believable. The use of flashbacks and dream sequences adds depth to the characters and their motivations.


The Dishonored comics are a must-read for fans of the video game franchise and anyone who enjoys dark, atmospheric storytelling. The series expands on the lore and mythology of the Dishonored world, while also delivering intense action and nuanced characters. Whether you’re new to the series or a seasoned veteran, the Dishonored comics offer a thrilling and immersive experience.


Q1. Do I need to have played the video games to enjoy the comics?

A1. No, but it helps to have some familiarity with the world and characters. The comics can be enjoyed on their own, but they do rely on some prior knowledge of the games’ plot.

Q2. Are the comics appropriate for younger readers?

A2. The Dishonored world is dark and mature, and the comics are no exception. They contain violence, gore, and adult themes, so parental guidance is recommended.

Q3. How many issues are there in the Dishonored comic series?

A3. As of 2021, there are five main issues, two spin-offs, and one graphic novel. The series is still ongoing, with more issues planned for the future.

Q4. Who publishes the Dishonored comics?

A4. The comics are published by Titan Comics, a UK-based publisher that specializes in licensed properties and original comics.

Q5. Are there plans to adapt the comics into a TV series or movie?

A5. There have been rumors and speculation about a Dishonored TV series or movie, but nothing has been confirmed by the creators or publishers of the franchise.

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