Dead Space Remake Isn’t Woke, Get Over Yourself!

The original Dead Space horror survival video game was praised and successful for several reasons:

  1. Immersive and creepy atmosphere. The game does a great job of creating a dark, claustrophobic and unsettling atmosphere. The environments are tight spaceship corridors and rooms. The lighting and sound design create a lot of tension and suspense. All this pulls the player into the scary experience.
  2. Engaging combat. The combat focuses on dismembering enemies (“strategic dismemberment”) using a variety of weapons and tools. This combat is challenging but rewarding and adds to the intensity of the experience. It requires careful aiming and management of resources.
  3. Interesting story and lore. The game has an intriguing story that blends science fiction and horror. It is set in a rich universe with backstory about the Church of Unitology and the mysterious Marker artifacts. This provides motivation and context for the events in the game.
  4. Great pacing and variety. The game does a good job of varying the pace, alternating between combat, exploration, and puzzle-solving. This keeps the experience interesting and prevents it from being relentless action or jump scares the whole way through. The different environments, enemies, and story beats introduce variety.
  5. Technical execution. The game is very well designed from a technical standpoint. The visuals, animations, and gameplay are polished and help bring the experience to life. The zero-gravity segments in particular are highlights. All the elements come together to make for a very compelling experience.

These are the general reasons why a Dead Space is such a great horror survival video game. The Dead space remake is at the very least just as good, but actually much better game than the original was graphically and gameplay wise.

There has been a lot of talk about Dead Space being woke and that is just not the case. Yes they made Kendra a lesbian, I say win win, changed some of the characters in the propaganda around the Ishimura to be less Asian like, and they swapped the co-pilot from male to female.

They even added unisex bathrooms which makes sense for a ship of that size and for the sake of efficiency having a unisex bathroom isn’t all that surprising, but that doesn’t make it a trans, woke, add on to Dead Space Remake.

Unisex bathrooms are trans friendly in nature for sure, but they are not based on the same ideologies that the current mind virus woke political movement is pushing around those are gender fluid or gender neutral bathrooms.

Unisex bathrooms has it in the name “sex” linked to your biological sex which is Male or Female and in super rare instances both, but it is predicated on the almost immutable, millions of years rule of mother nature of male and female. Created for those times when allocating both sexes wasn’t feasible.

Yes we could say that the game was influenced by the mind virus political agenda and I wouldn’t question that accusation since we can see it with the changing of certain characters for the sake of so called “inclusivity”.

I personally don’t mind the changes made to the race and sex of certain characters, but the biggest issue this game has been affected by and in as a whole it is actually really minor, but this is the points I would give head to cause they do have precedent and can affect a game’s design and history dramatically.

Small Things First

The original dead space video game did not have Isaac Clark ever showing his face and actually even speaking. All he did with his voice was practically noises of pain and reaction too pain and world events.

Now we can actually see Isaac Clark and his full glory with a fully animated and voice acted actor from real life into the game with awesome motion capture. It does make Isaac a little more relatable, especially to a modern audience, but nonetheless will alienate those that prefer to have a character that they can portray themselves into much easier by his lack of voice acting in the original.

The wife – waifu

Nicole which is Isaac Clark’s wife, whom which is the reason why he even goes to the USG iShimura to try and fix it, we find out that his doctor wife has been altered physically in the game to look older.

She now looks to be 10 or 15 years older than Isaac Clark himself which at first I thought no issue here for older women can rock it hard too, but I thought about it further and came to a realization.

She used to look pretty cute, really attractive (in a younger sense that matched the age group), and with the inanimate nature of Isaac Clark in the first Dead Space it was a match made in heaven for your appropriate age male gamer that played the original Dead Space.

It was easy to put yourself in Isaac’s shoes since he was pretty much voiceless and completely voiceless. Perfect for a 15 year old… wait oof course you weren’t 15 and we’re playing a game that you weren’t supposed to be playing since it was at least a 17+ right? No worries your secret is safe with me.

Now she resembles a doctor woman that managed to grab a younger technician guy cougar style and enjoys working far away from him, but occasionally stops by to get her kinky on. Don’t get me wrong I don’t think it’s bad, but when you see the other changes made to the game you start to see that it’s not just Nicole being kinky Dr. cougar.

The claws of the boobs hating, attractive people are bad movement, markings that have affected many games before are also present here.

Personal Taste

As a disclaimer, remember that this issue does get influenced by personal taste in preference, strongly influenced, so it is not per se, a hard-core science. Some people might find the more flat character models to be more pleasing or attractive.

Where I find issue is when you start noticing that almost every character that was originally created with fantasy level amounts of blessings on their body start to be altered, mostly by the influence of this political crap.

Some examples are AI in the Halo universe starting with the Halo Wars video game series AI. The original game Halo Wars had a specific type of voluptuous AI, and then Halo Wars 2 comes along with its own unique AI which is more on the flat end of things and nothing wrong with it since it is a beautiful standard regardless, but I believe this was influenced not for inclusivity naturally from the characters, creation, origins, but rather influence by political move, as you can tell from the character model of the doctor Ellen who was originally more blessed, but out of nowhere has lost some of her volume.

Doctor Ellen on the other hand. Her character model in the game actually gets a reduction, and that to me seems suspicious since we already have a character representing the fan service for the fans of skinnier models, yet what was the reason behind lowering the voluptuous nature of another character for no reason?

And after all of the male characters, don’t seem to receive such a downgrade, most in any other video games, when compared to their female counterparts, that our very well endowed and blessed by the Almighty Zeus females.

The weapon which is to replace Cortana in Halo Infinite is an interesting test subject because she feels in the argument that every character is created from its origins to be conservative when it comes to how sexy and revealing its character design is then the weapon from halo infinite has nothing wrong going for her.

Yet, I can’t deny the fact that Cortana call she is based from and actually replacing went through a major character design change.

Cortana she was altered dramatically in Halo 5 Guardians in a way that deviates from her original vision of more than a decade. That’s why I hold some reservations in accepting the character designs in a lot of the modern versions because it is still a fantasy world there for using the argument of more realistic doesn’t really eat up.

By looking at these images you tell me what do you think? Are the changes done for the greater good or just to appease a political movement? Are we actually saving CPU resources GPU maybe? Naraka Bladepoint the awesome Asian ninja fighting wife foo battle Royale sure did things to their Chinese censorship on removing gravity from the Tatas.

One argument that I thought about was how technology has improved. Therefore, the characters can be more realistic than their original vision, but I don’t think it holds up when you compare it to Cortana, which in my opinion halo four Cortana design is divine and the perfect example of fantasy world character design.

Halo 4 Cortana is so much better design wise than Cortana in Halo 5 Guardians. Also, another interesting fact about breast, physics and video games. If you notice in the video game, Conan Exiles when you start off the game and you are completely naked your female breast physics are actually pretty advanced until you reach the more populated more complex areas of the game and you notice the physics becomes really simple.

Size matters

Contrary to what Poe the language model, artificial intelligence from Quora says breast size does have an effect on how attractive someone can look, but that is besides the point if you notice Dead Space Remake has also altered a specific characters, blessed parts.

Maybe it is because the graphics are more demanding and similar to Naraka Bladepoint the awesome Asian sword fighting ninja waifu battle Royale removed breast physics from their video game. Thanks to China censorship rulings that space remake might be attempting to save in CPU calculations by shrinking Kendra’s breasts.

Oh, I do want to point out, though that we man of culture need to not be blinded by such an atrocious at against Kendra so I bring your attention to the reality that she actually looks quite attractive and well designed even after these changes don’t you agree?

What about the female audience?

You could say that this makes the game more accessible to females and people that prefer humans of the same sex which I agree with you and that is fine not optimal in human biology and evolution of species plus sustainability of the human race long-term but sure same is the effect of too much pornography which harms the human capacity to reproduce.

By making Isaac Clark into a cougar, chasing engineer, alien, killing machine that just wants his mommy to spank him at her command. Sounds like a perfect modern future space version of Fifty Shades of Grey having a cross over with the Alien series.

You cannot accommodate every single audience demographic because you will eventually reach a point where your message or art gets diluted and loses its identity. I think the changes made to the Dead Space Remake do not change the core message.

Think of the children

The ability to turn off violence and mental disorder sections of the video game itself to me, is playing around with what I mentioned earlier of being careful with how much you attempt to appease all demographics, because you will eventually lose the essence of what makes your art unique.

I think the way they made these filters into Dead Space Remake is actually a decent job and sure if it gets more people to play the game I’m all for it, but it is at the edge of being too much and at that point you might as well go play something else.

What are your thoughts on the subject? If you are someone who would have never played the game or actually enjoys it more things to these filters. Please let me know and people don’t bully people that actually find this feature useful because I want to know their point of you and understand them better.

They want more

All these changes don’t really mean much but if you think it is over, you are terribly wrong. Besides changing Kendra’s breast size, they made her a lesbian which you don’t see me complaining but I know a Trojan horse when I see one and this is one for sure.

They even changed the copilot of the Isaac Clark cruise ship from a white male to a darker skin female, which I have nothing against because I mostly play as female characters in any game as much as possible as long as there is no great story that gets lost in the process so the more the merrier, but you know why they did that right? I doubt that it was the goodness of their hearts or actual vision, but rather to fill a quota.

Look around

A great example of the mind virus carries being blinded in a similar fashion as the conservatives are with the whole Dead Space Remake is woke lie just walk around the USG Ishimura and while you are killing them Necrmorphs in search of your sweetheart cougar Dr. Nicole you’re gonna find out that eventually you need to take a leak or leave a dump and you’ll go visit the many bathrooms inside the spaceship.

As you reach the door you will realize that it has been altered from the original Dead Space to include a unisex sign which in a functional point of view makes complete sense for cost saving, maintenance, and design efficiency.

It is not done in the name of “gender” representation for that mind virus stuff which is probably part of what the marker is sending into peoples minds anyway as one of its tactics to make you go crazy, but unisex, as I mentioned at the start of this article, is trans accessibly and even friendly, but it is not made for genderless folks hence the word “sex” in unisex.

The trans woke will fight that this is a win for them and the right will fight that it is a lose, but in reality it is in the middle more than either side. Just to let you think a bit more think of your house bathroom…is it unisex or do you have one for the boys and one for the girls?

From a Certain Point of View

What if I told you that in Dead Space 2 Issac Clarke’s wife also got a character model change where she looks a bit more Tom Boy than in the original Dead Space? What if I also told you that Isaac is supposed to be in his late 30s to 40s?

With that piece of information it doesn’t look like he is much younger than Nicole, but rather she seems to have not been aging physically too well over there at the Ishimura due to the remote work, hard hours, maybe she likes to smoke or drink causing her skin health to deter faster.

We don’t actually have hard numbers on Nicole Brendan’s age, but it is discussed in the webs of the internet that she is actually late 20s or somewhere in the 30s, but also that she is 40s so we don’t know.

It makes the whole story of her being a cougar not as fun and leaves the original Dead Space character model be more subject to the creators vision of what the woman of your life would look like if you were to be going after her in a hunted space ship.

Original Vision

Why Nicole change in Dead Space 2? Was the original Dead Space Nicole too young looking for the late 30s maybe mid 40s Isaac Clarke? I personally prefer the original Dead Space Nicole character model, but definitely something changed between the first and second game way before this remake was ever thought of.

Using the word, realistic comes to mind and it makes the Dead Space Remake changes feel correct, but then you realize that you are talking about a video game fantasy therefore why not have overly attractive, well endowed fantasy characters inside this fantasy simulation?


Dead Space Remake is an amazing reimagining and remake of an original survival horror video games, and honestly will be a long ride up there with the lakes of the remaster of the entire halo franchise with halo, the master chief collection.

It sucks to see these political poisonous ideologies make their way into classical video games but nevertheless, this one wasn’t too affected, and the original vision of that space holds true and strong, and even better as a whole.

I highly recommend it specially for action oriented, survival horror, video game fans, and by the way on the PlayStation five with the dual sense controller the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers does a decent job to differentiated cell from the Xbox controller, but don’t expect the Callisto protocol levels of high-quality when it comes to these features.

Check out my guide to the Best PS5 DualSense haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, guide, where I show you the best implementation of this next generation video game console feature that honestly it’s really cool! Until, next time stick around <Link HERE>

The Best PS5 Games with DualSense Haptic Feedback Adaptive Triggers Support

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