Unlocking the Secrets of Death’s Poker Build: A Comprehensive Guide to Elden Ring’s Deadly Build

Unlocking the Secrets of Death’s Poker Build: A Comprehensive Guide to Elden Ring’s Deadly Build

Elden Ring, the highly-anticipated game from FromSoftware and George R.R. Martin, has been the talk of the gaming world since it was first announced back in 2019. The game boasts a vast open world, stunning graphics, and intense gameplay that is sure to keep players hooked for hours on end. One aspect of the game that has garnered a lot of attention is the various builds that players can use to make their way through the world of Elden Ring. In this article, we will explore the Death’s Poker build in-depth, providing a comprehensive guide to this deadly build.

Overview of the Death’s Poker Build

The Death’s Poker build is a build that focuses on dealing massive damage at close range while also having the ability to dodge attacks with ease. This build relies heavily on agility and endurance, making it a great choice for players who prefer a more fast-paced style of gameplay.

One of the key components of this build is the use of daggers and short swords. These weapons are incredibly fast and deal a significant amount of damage when used correctly. In addition to these weapons, players should also consider using light armor that provides a balance between defense and mobility.

When it comes to stats, players should focus on increasing their agility, endurance, and dexterity. Agility is essential for dodging attacks, while endurance allows for more attacks to be executed before exhausting stamina. Dexterity provides a boost to damage dealt with daggers and short swords.

Combat Techniques for the Death’s Poker Build

The Death’s Poker build relies heavily on quick and agile movements while also utilizing close-range combat techniques. The following tips and techniques should be considered when using this build:

1. Use daggers and short swords to deal swift strikes

2. Make use of evasive maneuvers and rolling to dodge incoming attacks

3. Stay close to your opponent to take advantage of your quick movements

4. Keep your opponents off balance by mixing up your attacks

5. Use poisons to weaken your opponent’s defenses and further increase damage dealt

6. Take advantage of backstabbing opportunities to deal massive damage

7. Keep an eye on your stamina meter and don’t overexert yourself

8. Use the environment to your advantage, such as hiding behind objects to avoid attacks

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Death’s Poker Build

The Death’s Poker build offers many advantages to players, such as an incredible amount of speed and agility, making it easy to dodge incoming attacks. It also offers incredibly fast strikes that can take opponents by surprise and deal significant damage.

However, this build does have some disadvantages. One major drawback is that it relies heavily on close-range combat, making it vulnerable to long-range attacks. Additionally, the low defense of light armor makes players more vulnerable to incoming attacks, which can result in quick deaths.


The Death’s Poker build offers a unique and deadly approach to gameplay in Elden Ring. While it may not be suitable for every player, its incredible speed and agility make it an excellent choice for those who prefer a more challenging and fast-paced style of gameplay. Remember to keep your opponent off balance, use evasive maneuvers, and take advantage of backstabbing opportunities to deal massive damage. With the right strategy, players can unlock the secrets of this deadly build and emerge victorious in the world of Elden Ring.


1. What weapons are best for the Death’s Poker build?
Daggers and short swords are the best weapons to use for the Death’s Poker build.

2. What stats should be focused on for the Death’s Poker build?
Players should focus on agility, endurance, and dexterity.

3. Is the Death’s Poker build suitable for beginners?
This build requires a certain level of skill to excel, making it more suitable for experienced players.

4. Can the Death’s Poker build be used in multiplayer mode?
Yes, the Death’s Poker build can be used in both single-player and multiplayer modes.

5. Can the Death’s Poker build be adapted to different playstyles?
Yes, players can adapt the Death’s Poker build to their individual playstyle by adjusting their weapon and armor choices.

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