Unlocking the Mystery: Where to Find Maiden’s Blood in Elden Ring – A Comprehensive Guide

Unlocking the Mystery: Where to Find Maiden’s Blood in Elden Ring – A Comprehensive Guide

Elden Ring is a highly anticipated game with a rich lore and an immersive world. One of the current mysteries that players are trying to solve is the whereabouts of Maiden’s Blood. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the history of Maiden’s Blood, its rumored locations, and everything else you need to know about acquiring this elusive item.

The History of Maiden’s Blood

Maiden’s Blood is an important item in Elden Ring that is rumored to possess mystical properties. It is believed to have been created during the war between the Elden Ring and the Great Runes. According to the legends, the Maiden’s Blood was used to heal wounded soldiers or to give them immense strength and power.

It is said that only a Maiden of the Stone Circle can create the Maiden’s Blood using a secret ritual. The last Maiden of the Stone Circle is rumored to have gone missing during the war, and her current whereabouts are unknown.

Locations Where Maiden’s Blood May Be Found

There are several rumored locations where the Maiden’s Blood can be found in Elden Ring. These include:

1. The Stone Circles: As per the legends, only a Maiden of the Stone Circle can create the Maiden’s Blood. Therefore, exploring the Stone Circles ethereal, circular platforms, and circular structures can be a way to search for the Maiden’s Blood.

2. The Crypts and Caves: Elden Ring is a world full of crypts and caves, and some players speculate that exploring these locations can lead to the discovery of Maiden’s Blood.

3. The Great Ruins: According to some rumors, the Great Runes may have created the Maiden’s Blood, and therefore exploring and investigating the Great Ruins can provide some answers.

4. The Great Sea: Although a bit far-fetched, some rumors suggest that the Maiden’s Blood can be found in the depths of the Great Sea. However, getting there can be a dangerous and challenging task.

Tips and Tricks for Finding Maiden’s Blood

1. Exploring the Cave Systems: Many players have reported finding the Maiden’s Blood in deep and remote cave systems, so it’s worth exploring these locations thoroughly.

2. Investigating the Ruins: As the history of Maiden’s Blood is linked to the Great Runes, investigating the ruins can provide more information on its whereabouts.

3. Following Clues and Hints: Throughout your gameplay of Elden Ring, you may come across obscure clues and hints that can lead you to Maiden’s Blood. Pay attention to the environment, look for context clues, and converse with NPCs for more information.


Maiden’s Blood is a highly sought-after item in Elden Ring, and the mystery of its location is driving players wild. While there is no definitive answer to where to find it, exploring the Stone Circles, the caves and crypts, investigating the ruins and following clues may lead players to uncover the truth about the Maiden’s Blood. Just remember to keep your wits about you and stay alert as Elden Ring is a dangerous world.


1. Can the Maiden’s Blood be used to heal in Elden Ring?

The true nature of the powers of the Maiden’s Blood remains a mystery, as its use in Elden Ring is still unknown.

2. Can we beat Elden Ring without using the Maiden’s Blood?

Yes, the Maiden’s Blood is not an essential item, it can be missed or avoided.

3. Can we receive multiple Maiden’s Blood in one playthrough?

It is unclear if the game allows players to acquire more than one Maiden’s Blood in a single playthrough.

4. What happens after acquiring Maiden’s Blood?

It is unknown how the story progresses after acquiring Maiden’s Blood, as the purpose and use of the item in the game remains a mystery.

5. Is there any reward for finding Maiden’s Blood?

Currently, there is no information on the rewards for finding Maiden’s Blood in Elden Ring.

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