Unlocking the Mystery: Reasons Behind Why You Can’t Join Your Friend in Elden Ring

Elden Ring has been one of the most highly anticipated games of the year. FromSoftware, the Japanese developer behind the notoriously difficult game ‘Dark Souls,’ is working with writer George R.R. Martin, the author of ‘Game of Thrones,’ to create this new game. Fans of both franchises are eagerly waiting to experience this highly anticipated open-world action role-playing game.

However, as excited as one may be to play Elden Ring, it’s not uncommon that you may be unable to join a friend due to certain reasons. With this article, we aim to unlock the mysteries behind why you can’t join your friend in Elden Ring.

1. Version Mismatch:
The obvious reason for why you are unable to join your friend in Elden Ring is a version mismatch. It means that you both are playing different versions of the game. When an update to the game is released, it often causes a discrepancy in the versions, which leads to “version mismatch” errors.

2. NAT Type Issues:
When network address translation (NAT) type issues occur, it also causes problems in connecting to your friend’s game. NAT filtering is used in routers to prevent malicious activity but it can also block the connection between two devices playing Elden Ring online. In such cases, it’s best to contact your internet service provider (ISP) and ask for assistance.

3. Firewall Blocking the Connection:
Most of the time, a firewall can prevent the game from connecting to the internet. It may be necessary to tweak the settings of your firewall to allow Elden Ring to connect to the internet. Make sure to consult the game’s documentation or support forums for help.

4. Server Outages:
Server issues are common with online games. When Elden Ring’s servers are down, you won’t be able to join your friend’s game. This issue usually resolves itself as the game developers work on server maintenance, although it may take some time to get back to normal.

5. Bandwidth Constraints:
Your internet connection may be the cause of not being able to join your friend due to a lack of sufficient bandwidth. Online gaming requires a stable and high-speed internet connection, and if your bandwidth is limited, your gaming experience will be affected.

In conclusion, there could be many reasons for not being able to join your friend in Elden Ring. From version mismatch to server outages, it’s essential that you consider these factors when experiencing issues with connecting to your friend’s game. It’s also important to note that these issues may not be exclusive to Elden Ring, and other online games are prone to connectivity issues too.


1. Can Elden Ring be played offline?
No, Elden Ring is an online game with an open-world setting that requires an internet connection to play.

2. Can I play Elden Ring on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One?
Yes, Elden Ring is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

3. How much will Elden Ring cost?
The price of Elden Ring has not yet been announced, but it is expected to be priced similarly to other AAA titles.

4. Will there be any DLC for Elden Ring?
The developers have not announced any DLC plans for Elden Ring yet, but it’s possible that DLC may be released after the game’s launch.

5. Can I play Elden Ring with players from different regions?
Yes, you can play Elden Ring with players from different regions, but it may affect your gameplay experience due to connectivity issues.

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