Unlocking the Mystery Behind Why Your Pokémon Don’t Obey: Expert Tips & Tricks Revealed!

Unlocking the Mystery Behind Why Your Pokémon Don’t Obey: Expert Tips & Tricks Revealed!

As a Pokémon trainer, have you ever wondered why your Pokémon don’t obey your commands? You may have spent a considerable amount of time and effort training and bonding with your Pokémon, only to find that they disobey you during battles or refuse to use certain moves. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind this mystery and provide expert tips and tricks to improve your Pokémons’ obedience.

Understanding Pokémon Obedience

Before we dive into the reasons behind disobedience, it’s essential to understand how Pokémon obedience works. The obedience level of your Pokémon depends on your trainer level and the number of badges you’ve obtained. The higher your trainer level and the more badges you have, the more likely your Pokémon will obey your commands.

However, even if you have a high level and many badges, your Pokémon can still disobey you if their level is higher than yours. For example, if you have a level 30 Pikachu, and your trainer level is 20, it may disobey you because its level is higher. This disobedience issue becomes even more problematic in higher-level battles, where you need your Pokémon to use the right move at the right time.

Reasons for Pokémon Disobedience

There could be various reasons why your Pokémon don’t follow your commands. The most common reasons are:

1. Lack of training: If you haven’t trained your Pokémon enough, it may not understand your commands, leading to disobedience.

2. Lack of bonding: Your Pokémon may not have bonded with you, making it harder for it to obey you.

3. Wrong timing: If you give a command at the wrong time, such as when your Pokémon is still recovering from an attack, it may not obey you.

4. Wrong move order: If you give a move command that your Pokémon does not know (or hasn’t learned yet), it may disobey you.

5. Overuse of certain moves: If you overuse certain moves, your Pokémon may get tired of them and refuse to follow your command to use them.

Expert Tips and Tricks for Improving Pokémon Obedience

1. Train consistently: Regular training is crucial to improve your Pokémon’s obedience. Make sure to train consistently, using different methods to keep your Pokémon engaged.

2. Bond with your Pokémon: Bonding with your Pokémon is essential to gain trust and increase obedience. Spend time with your Pokémon, play with them, and train them in a fun way.

3. Timing is everything: Learn the right timing to give commands during battles. Wait for your Pokémon to recover from attacks before issuing commands.

4. Use moves wisely: Make sure to research each move of your Pokémon and create a strategy that fits their abilities. Avoid overusing certain moves to prevent disobedience.

5. Reward obedience: Positive reinforcement is an effective way to increase obedience. When your Pokémon obeys your commands, reward them with treats, praise, or additional training time.


1. Can disobedient Pokémon be fixed with training?

Yes, consistent training can help decrease disobedience significantly.

2. What can I do if my Pokémon doesn’t listen?

You can try training it more, bonding more, using moves wisely, and rewarding it when obedient.

3. Can my Pokémon disobey me during gym battles?

Yes, disobedience is possible during gym battles, but having more badges can reduce the chances of disobedience.

4. What can I do if my Pokémon is too strong and disobeys me?

You can use the items ‘Quick Claw’ or ‘King’s Rock’ to increase the chances of your commands being followed.

5. Can I battle with a disobedient Pokémon?

Yes, but a disobedient Pokémon may not obey every command, putting you at a disadvantage during battles.


Disobedience is a common problem faced by many Pokémon trainers. However, by understanding the reasons behind it and following expert tips and tricks, we can improve our Pokémon’s obedience. Regular training, bonding, using moves wisely, and rewarding obedience are some of the effective ways to achieve this. By following these tips, your Pokémon will be more likely to obey your commands, ensuring victory during battles.

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