Unlocking Elden Ring: What to Do if You Can’t Join Your Friends?

Unlocking Elden Ring: What to Do if You Can’t Join Your Friends?

Elden Ring, the much-anticipated video game masterpiece from FromSoftware and Bandai Namco Entertainment, combines action, adventure, and immersive storytelling while delivering a challenging, unforgettable experience, leaving players craving more. The game is set in an open-world filled with fascinating creatures, mystical characters, and challenging bosses, all brought to life through incredible graphics and sound design. Playing with friends only adds to the experience, but what happens when you can’t join your friends in the game?

This article will offer some helpful tips to unlocking Elden Ring’s multiplayer and joining in on the fun with your friends.

Understanding Elden Ring’s Multiplayer

Elden Ring offers a cooperative multiplayer experience that allows players to summon other players to assist in taking down bosses and completing missions. However, to summon other players, the host player must be playing online, and both the host and summon player must fulfill specific requirements.

Firstly, the host player must be embered, meaning they are in a state of heightened power, and have not defeated the specific boss in the area. The summon player must be within a certain level range of the host player, and able to use the White Sign Soapstone to place their summon sign on the ground near the host player’s location.

If you can’t summon your friends, the first thing to check is whether you are both playing online and fulfilling the above requirements.

Check Your Network Settings

If you are still struggling to connect with your friends in Elden Ring, the next step is to check your network settings. Network settings can be accessed through the game’s settings menu, and you should ensure that you have the correct network settings in place for your Internet connection type.

You could also try resetting your modem or router to see if that improves your Internet connection, which can often fix issues with connectivity.

Use Password Matching

If you and your friends are unable to connect due to level discrepancies or being in different areas of the game, you can use password matching to override those issues. Password matching allows you to enter a specific password that both you and your friends use, allowing you to summon each other regardless of level or location.

To set a password, go to the game’s settings menu and select “Network Settings.” From there, you can enter a password in the “Password Matching” section. Your friends can then join your game by using the same password.

Join a Covenant

Joining a Covenant is a great way to meet new players and connect with friends in Elden Ring. Covenants are groups of players that unite to complete specific goals or objectives, and joining one can provide unique benefits and challenges in the game.

To join a covenant, you must first speak to the appropriate NPC (non-playable character), and then pledge allegiance to the covenant by performing specific tasks. Once you join, you can access the covenant’s features, including specific rules that may alter gameplay mechanics for you and your fellow covenant members.


Elden Ring is an incredible game that offers a vast and immersive world that players can navigate and explore for hours on end. Unlocking the multiplayer element with your friends can only enhance the experience, offering engaging co-op missions and exciting boss fights. However, if you’re struggling to connect with your friends in the game, there are several steps you can take to rectify the situation, including checking your network settings, using password matching, and joining a covenant.


1. Can I play Elden Ring offline?
Yes, you can play Elden Ring offline, but you will not be able to access the game’s online multiplayer features.

2. How do I know if I am embered?
When you are embered in Elden Ring, your character will have a glowing, orange aura around them.

3. What is a summon sign?
A summon sign is an item that a player can use to mark their location for other players to see, allowing them to be summoned for cooperative play.

4. Can I summon more than one player at once?
Yes, you can summon up to two players to assist you in Elden Ring.

5. What are covenants in Elden Ring?
Covenants in Elden Ring are groups of players who have pledged their allegiance to complete specific objectives and earn unique rewards. Joining a covenant can also alter gameplay mechanics in the game.

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