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Unlocking a World of Customization: How To Change Your Lock Screen Wallpaper On iPhone 2024


With the latest iOS updates, Apple has significantly enhanced the iPhone customization experience, bringing it closer to the flexibility long enjoyed by Android users. This advancement is most notable in the realm of wallpaper customization, where the options for how to change your wallpaper on iPhone have expanded dramatically. The process for changing both your iPhone’s Lock Screen and Home Screen wallpapers has been streamlined, featuring an intuitive menu interface that rivals—and in some aspects, surpasses—those found on many Android devices. Let’s explore how to change your lock screen wallpaper on iPhone.

Step 1: Activating the Lock Screen Changing UI

To begin personalizing your device, wake your iPhone and stay on the Lock Screen. A long press activates the Lock Screen changing UI, making it easy to browse through saved Lock Screens or add a new one. This first step is crucial in learning how to change your lock-screen to something that truly represents you.

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Step 2: Understanding Lock Screen Styles

The interface provides clear indicators of the Lock Screen style you’re viewing. Whether it’s a static image, a Live Photo adding a hint of animation, or a photo shuffle for dynamic changes, this feature enhances both the aesthetic appeal of your device and the user experience. Discovering how to make your wallpaper change when you tap it starts here, with the selection of the right style.

Step 3: Setting Up How To Make Your Wallpaper Change

The Photo Shuffle option, found by touching the “+” icon, revolutionizes how to change your wallpaper on iPhone. This feature allows you to select specific albums for your shuffle, personalizing your device to match your mood or interests with changes at your chosen frequency. It’s an exciting way to learn how to make your wallpaper change when you tap it, lock it, or on a set schedule.

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Step 4: Personalizing Your Lock Screen

Customization extends beyond just selecting a wallpaper. Adding widgets and changing the clock style allows your Lock Screen to be as informative as it is beautiful. Once you’re satisfied, tapping “Add” prompts you to decide whether to mirror these images on your Home Screen, offering a unified or distinct look.

Step 5: Enjoying Your New Look

After setting up your new Lock Screen, locking your device reveals the transformation. This level of customization not only sets your device apart but also personalizes your iPhone interaction, making every glance at your device a more personal experience.

Check out our guide on how to customize iPhone home screen to learn all about filtering notifications, organizing apps and widgets by iOS focus mode in order to elevate your productivity or just make a better work life balance.

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Beyond the Basics: Advanced Customization Tips

  • Curate Your Collections: Utilize the Photo Shuffle feature by curating collections that reflect your personal interests. This not only personalizes your iPhone but also turns your Lock Screen into a digital showcase.
  • Widgets Wisely: Select widgets that complement your Lock Screen’s aesthetic while offering utility, enhancing how to change your wallpaper and the overall look of your iPhone. Here is our Guide on iOS 17 widgets for iPhone.
  • Regular Refreshes: Keep your Lock Screen dynamic with regular updates to your photo selections and widget configurations, ensuring your device always reflects your current style and needs.
  • Experiment with Live Photos and Videos: Adding Live Photos or short videos as your Lock Screen introduces an extra layer of personalization, bringing joy with every interaction.


The latest iOS updates have significantly broadened the horizons for iPhone customization, allowing users to express their individuality through their devices like never before. By following this guide on how to change your wallpaper on iPhone, you can transform your Lock Screen into a canvas that reflects your personality, interests, and style. As you delve into these new features, remember that the essence of customization lies in its ability to make your iPhone uniquely yours.

In this evolving landscape of smartphone technology, Apple’s commitment to enhancing user experience and personal expression stands out. So, dive into the settings, experiment with the myriad options available, and enjoy making your iPhone a more personal and reflective companion in your daily life.

I’m ENDWARO7, guiding you through the exciting world of iPhone customization. Explore, experiment, and express yourself through your device. Until next time, happy customizing!

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Richard Calder
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