Unlock the Secrets: Why You’re Unable to Summon Your Friend in Elden Ring

Unlock the Secrets: Why You’re Unable to Summon Your Friend in Elden Ring

As players eagerly await the release of Elden Ring, there has been a growing concern about the inability to summon friends in the game. While this feature is an important aspect of playing with friends, there are several reasons why summoning may not be working as expected. In this article, we’re going to unlock the secrets behind this issue and explore some possible solutions.

Understanding How Summoning Works in Elden Ring

Before diving into potential issues, it’s crucial to understand how summoning works in Elden Ring. Summoning allows players to invite friends or strangers to join them on their journey, aiding them in the battle against bosses or exploring the vast world of Elden Ring together. To summon a friend, players must be within a certain proximity, and both characters must have an internet connection.

The primary method of summoning involves players placing a summon sign on the ground, which the host player can then interact with to summon the guest player into their world. However, if this method is not working, there may be some underlying issues.

Issues that May Affect Summoning

One of the most common issues with summoning involves the game’s servers. Suppose there is an issue with the servers or maintenance is underway. In that case, players may experience difficulty summoning friends or being summoned themselves.

Another common issue is having different server regions. Suppose one player is playing from a different region. In that case, it may not be possible to summon them, making it crucial to ensure both players are playing on the same server.

Players should also check their network connection, as a poor internet connection can negatively affect summoning. Players may also require some patience, as summoning can take some time due to the game’s matchmaking process.

Possible Solutions for Summoning Issues

If players are still experiencing summoning issues, there are several solutions that may help. Firstly, players should ensure their game is up to date, meaning all updates and patches have been installed.

If players are still having issues, they can try restarting their game or console. This can help refresh the network connection and potentially solve any issues with summoning.

Players can also try changing the server region they are playing on or ensuring that their internet connection is stable and fast enough to establish a connection with other players.


Summoning friends is an exciting and crucial aspect of playing Elden Ring. However, issues with summons can be quite frustrating, especially during crucial moments of the game. By understanding how summoning works and the common issues, players can effectively troubleshoot and possibly solve any issues they encounter.


1. Do both players need to have Elden Ring to summon each other?
Yes, both players must own Elden Ring and have an internet connection to summon each other.

2. Can I summon multiple players at once?
No, players can only summon one guest player at a time.

3. How do I know if a player is summonable?
Players can place summon signs on the ground, indicating they are available to be summoned. These signs will appear as white or gold symbols.

4. Can I summon players during boss battles?
Yes, players can summon guests during boss battles to aid in the fight.

5. Can I be summoned into another player’s world if I have already defeated a boss?
No, once a player has defeated a boss, they cannot be summoned into another player’s world for that specific boss. However, they can still be summoned for other areas and bosses within the game.

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