Unlock the Secrets of Pokemon Go Trade Distance: Tips and Strategies to Maximize Trading Potential

Pokemon Go has been one of the most popular mobile games in recent years. With millions of players worldwide, the game keeps evolving with new features and experiences, keeping its players engaged and entertained.

One of the most exciting features in Pokemon Go is trading. Players can now trade Pokemon with other players, allowing them to expand their collection of Pokemon and earn extra candies in the process. However, trading has its limitations – primarily, the trading distance.

In this article, we will explore the secrets of Pokemon Go trade distance, tips and strategies to maximize trading potential.

Introduction to Trading Distance

In Pokemon Go, there are two types of trading distances – short and long trading distances. Short distance trading distance ranges from 40m to 100m, whereas long distance trading distance is anywhere beyond the 100m range.

Short Distance Trading

Short distance trading can be done with players who are in close proximity to each other. Trading within this range is relatively easy and only requires players to have each other’s friend codes. Once you have a friend’s code, you can trade with them as long as you remain within the short distance.

Tips for Short Distance Trading

The best way to maximize short distance trading is to create a friend’s network. Add as many players as possible to your friend’s list, and trade with them regularly. This way, you can increase your chances of acquiring new Pokemon, exchanging candies, and leveling up.

Long Distance Trading

Long distance trading is more challenging than short distance trading. It requires players to be at different locations, making it challenging to find trading opportunities. However, long distance trading opens up new possibilities for players. It allows players to trade with players from around the world, offering new opportunities to acquire Pokemon that are not available in their region.

Tips for Long Distance Trading

To maximize the potential of long-distance trading, players should expand their friend network. Joining Pokemon Go groups on social media platforms such as Facebook or Reddit can help you find players who share your interests. You can also use trading platforms such as Discord or Reddit to find trading partners who are willing to trade with you from any part of the world.

Strategies to Maximize Trading Potential

Now that we have covered the basics of short and long-distance trading let’s dive into some strategies to maximize trading potential.

1. Create a Trading Checklist

Creating a trading checklist is one of the most effective ways to maximize trading potential. The checklist should include all the Pokemon that you need or want to trade for. It should also contain the candies required to evolve those Pokemon.

2. Prioritize Your Trades

When trading, prioritize your trades based on the Pokemon you need. Always trade for Pokemon that are not available in your region, as these are usually the most valuable trades. Trading for Pokemon you already have or duplicates of Pokemon is not worth your time.

3. Use Lucky Trades Strategically

Lucky trades are special trades that guarantee a lucky Pokemon in return. Lucky Pokemon have higher stats and require less candy to evolve. Use lucky trades strategically, and only trade for Pokemon that you are confident in evolving to their final stages.


Pokemon Go trading distance can be a challenging feature, but with the right strategies, you can maximize your trading potential. Always prioritize your trades and use your lucky trades wisely. Create a trading checklist and expand your friend network to increase your chances of finding valuable trading partners. Remember, Pokemon Go is about exploring new possibilities and having fun while doing it.


1. Can you trade with players who are not on your friend’s list?

No, you cannot trade with players who are not on your friend’s list. To trade with someone, you must add them to your friend’s list.

2. Are there any restrictions on long-distance trading?

Yes, there are restrictions on long-distance trading. The number of long-distance trades that you can do in a day is limited, and it requires a lot of stardust to complete.

3. Can I trade for legendary Pokemon?

Yes, you can trade for legendary Pokemon; however, the chances of getting a legendary Pokemon from a trade are relatively low.

4. How many special trades can you do in a day?

You can only do one special trade per day.

5. What are lucky trades?

Lucky trades are special trades that guarantee a lucky Pokemon in return. Lucky Pokemon have higher stats and require less candy to evolve.

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