Unlock the Secret of Elden Ring: Discover Where to Get Maiden’s Blood Today!

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Unlock the Secret of Elden Ring: Discover Where to Get Maiden’s Blood Today!

The upcoming video game Elden Ring has generated considerable hype among fans of the action role-playing genre, thanks to its creators FromSoftware, known for their acclaimed titles such as Dark Souls and Bloodborne, collaborating with the author George R. R. Martin, famous for A Song of Ice and Fire series. Although many details about the game remain mysterious, one element that has garnered attention is the importance of Maiden’s Blood. In this article, we will examine what this substance is, why it matters in Elden Ring, and where you can acquire it in the game world.

What is Maiden’s Blood?

Maiden’s Blood is a rare, magical fluid that possesses healing and transformative properties. According to the lore of Elden Ring, it is a liquid that flows from the bodies of blessed maidens, who are revered figures of worship among the inhabitants of the game’s world. The blood is said to have been bestowed upon them by the goddesses, who favor those who maintain their purity and devotion. However, obtaining Maiden’s Blood is not easy, as it requires overcoming various obstacles and enemies.

Why does Maiden’s Blood matter in Elden Ring?

In Elden Ring, Maiden’s Blood is a crucial resource that players need to progress through the game’s story and acquire powerful items and abilities. There are several uses of Maiden’s Blood, such as:

– Restoring health and removing ailments: Drinking Maiden’s Blood replenishes your health bar and cures status effects like poison or curse.
– Enhancing equipment and skills: By using Maiden’s Blood as a material, you can upgrade weapons, armor, and spells to stronger versions, or learn new techniques that expand your combat options.
– Crafting special items: Some items in Elden Ring require Maiden’s Blood as an ingredient, such as healing potions or enchanted arrows.
– Fulfilling quests and interactions: Certain characters in Elden Ring may request Maiden’s Blood as a gift, a tribute, or a sacrifice, leading to different outcomes and rewards.

Where can you get Maiden’s Blood in Elden Ring?

Maiden’s Blood is not simply found lying around in Elden Ring; you have to earn it by earning the favor of the maidens, defeating enemies that hoard it, or discovering hidden locations where it can be obtained. Here are some ways to get Maiden’s Blood in Elden Ring:

– Saving maidens from danger: Some maidens may be threatened by monsters or hostile factions, and rescuing them can grant you their gratitude and their blessed blood. However, be prepared to fight for their safety, as the enemies will not let them go easily.
– Conquering bosses and foes: Many bosses in Elden Ring will drop Maiden’s Blood upon their defeat, as a reward for overcoming their challenges. Likewise, some enemies will carry the blood in their bodies or in their loot, representing a valuable target for hunting.
– Exploring secret areas and puzzles: Elden Ring is a vast open-world game, full of secrets and hidden paths. By exploring diligently and observing the environment, you may find secluded areas that contain Maiden’s Blood, or solve puzzles that unlock its location.
– Trading and interaction: Some non-playable characters in Elden Ring may offer Maiden’s Blood in exchange for valuable goods or services, such as rare materials or completing tasks for them. Additionally, some decisions that you make in the game may affect the availability and accessibility of Maiden’s Blood, such as helping or betraying certain factions or characters.


Maiden’s Blood is a mysterious and valuable substance in Elden Ring that adds to the game’s immersive and challenging experience. By understanding what it is, why it matters, and where to get it, you can enhance your enjoyment of Elden Ring and feel more empowered as a player. However, bear in mind that the game is designed to be difficult and unforgiving, and that acquiring Maiden’s Blood may require patience, skill, and even sacrifice. May the goddesses be with you on your journey.


1. Can you use Maiden’s Blood infinitely in Elden Ring?
No, Maiden’s Blood has limited uses and supply in Elden Ring, and you need to allocate it wisely to achieve your goals. You can earn more Maiden’s Blood by exploring and defeating enemies, but you cannot hoard it indefinitely.

2. Can you use Maiden’s Blood to revive fallen characters in Elden Ring?
No, Maidens’ Blood cannot revive dead characters in Elden Ring. If you die, you can use a limited number of resurrection items or restart from a checkpoint, but you cannot rely on Maiden’s Blood alone to save you.

3. How do you know which NPCs offer Maiden’s Blood in Elden Ring?
You can talk to NPCs and read their dialogue or descriptions to see if they mention Maiden’s Blood or have a quest related to it. Some NPCs may require you to fulfill certain conditions before offering you Maiden’s Blood.

4. Are there different types of Maiden’s Blood in Elden Ring?
Yes, there are various types of Maiden’s Blood in Elden Ring, with different potencies and effects. Some may heal more health, cure more conditions, or enhance different stats.

5. Can you sell Maiden’s Blood to merchants in Elden Ring?
No, you cannot sell Maiden’s Blood to merchants in Elden Ring, as it is a unique item that has no market value. However, you can use Maiden’s Blood as a currency to trade with certain NPCs or acquire certain items.

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