Unlock the Power of Infamous Second Son Collector’s Edition: Limited Edition Perks Revealed!

Unlock the Power of Infamous Second Son Collector’s Edition: Limited Edition Perks Revealed!

If you’re a gaming enthusiast, you already know the hype around “Infamous Second Son” and its collector’s edition. The game was released for PlayStation 4 back in 2014, and still, gamers can’t get enough of it. This open-world action-adventure game follows the protagonist, Delsin Rowe, as he discovers his superhuman abilities in a world where humans with extraordinary abilities are hunted down and caged.

If you’re contemplating buying the collector’s edition, then you’re in luck, as we’ll explore all the limited edition perks it offers.

Limited Edition Cover Art and Game Box

The collector’s edition comes with a game box that has an exclusive cover art which looks amazing. The box is a personal and unique item for any collector or fan of the game, and it’ll be worth more than its actual cost in the future. This special edition also contains the game’s cover art, which is visually appealing and different from the standard game cover.

Delsin and Fetch Action Figures

The collector’s edition also includes Delsin and Fetch action figures. These figures are highly detailed, and each of them stands at 7 inches tall. Delsin comes with the “Akurans CorkGun” and “Sulphur Bombs” while Fetch has the “Neon Singing” power included. You can showcase these action figures with pride as they’re limited edition items.

Exclusive In-game Items

The collector’s edition also grants you access to in-game exclusive items, including a Cole’s Legacy DLC containing four exclusive missions that feature Cole from the previous Infamous games. Additionally, there are more than 30 in-game bonus missions included. On top of that, gamers can also obtain exclusive vests such as “Leather Jacket” and “Cole’s Legacy” jackets.

Soundtrack, Decal, and Pin

The collector’s edition also includes a soundtrack of the game, composed by Marc Canham, who did a fantastic job in putting together the music that accompanies the game’s various situations. The game’s iconic decal of the flare is also included, which can be molded according to your wishes. Last but not least, there is a limited edition “Dup” (Department of Unified Protection) pin included, which is perfect for adding that final touch to your collection.

Other Details

The collector’s edition is a rare and unique item that every fan or collector would desire. The standard version of Infamous Second Son is a great game, but with the collector’s edition, it becomes a valuable collectible item. The game has lasting appeal, given many players still play and enjoy the game to this day. Infamous Second Son is perfect for any fan of the series, action-adventure games, and who enjoys superhuman abilities.


The Infamous Second Son collector’s edition is undoubtedly a valuable addition to any gaming enthusiast’s collection. The limited-edition perks compliment this fantastic game, making it an excellent purchase that will become a valuable memorabilia item in the future. With its cool action figures, exclusive in-game content, customized soundtrack and decals, and much more, there is no doubt that the collector’s edition will continue to entice both fans and collectors alike for years to come.


1. What is the difference between Infamous Second Son regular version and the collector’s edition?
Ans: The collector’s edition of Infamous Second Son comes with a game box that has exclusive cover art, Delsin, and Fetch action figures, in-game exclusive items, soundtrack, decal, and pin.

2. Can I obtain the perks of the collector’s edition in the standard version of Infamous Second Son?
Ans: No, the perks in the collector’s edition are exclusive to those who actually purchase the collector’s edition.

3. Can the figures be played with, or are they just for display?
Ans: The figures are meant for display purposes only, and they are not intended for play.

4. Is the Cole’s Legacy DLC included with the standard game?
Ans: No, the Cole’s Legacy DLC is exclusively included in the collector’s edition of Infamous Second Son.

5. Would you advise me to buy the collector’s edition of Infamous Second Son?
Ans: If you’re an Infamous fan or a collector, this collector’s edition is a must-have item as its perks compliment the game’s awesomeness.

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