Unlock the Power of Elden Ring with Maiden’s Blood: Where to Find It

Unlock the Power of Elden Ring with Maiden’s Blood: Where to Find It

Elden Ring is a game that has taken the gaming world by storm. The game promised to be an epic fantasy adventure that is both challenging and rewarding, and it did not disappoint. As a player, you will embark on an epic journey exploring the vast and dangerous world of Elden Ring. Along the way, you will encounter countless enemies, explore mysterious ruins, and uncover hidden treasures. One of the most crucial aspects of the game is the use of magic, and a powerful source for that magic is Maiden’s Blood.

Maiden’s Blood is an essential component of Elden Ring, it is a rare resource that can be obtained by players to enhance their magic abilities. However, it is not easy to find, and as a player, you will need to understand where to look and how to obtain it.

Locations to find Maiden’s Blood

1. The first location to find Maiden’s Blood is in the Forest of the Lost. The forest is filled with dangerous creatures, so it is crucial to be prepared before venturing into it. Once there, you must look for destroyed houses, and inside them, you might find a Maiden NPC. You can kill her to obtain the precious Maiden’s Blood.

2. The next location where you can find Maiden’s Blood is in the Tower of Latria. The tower is a particularly challenging area, filled with deadly enemies and traps. Within the tower, you will need to keep a close eye for the prisoners’ cells, as you might find a Maiden NPC locked up. Killing her will grant you access to the blood.

3. The third location where to find Maiden’s Blood is in the Valley of Defilement. This valley is particularly dangerous, and players need to be well equipped to survive. At the end of the valley, players will come across a large tunnel system. It is within these tunnels where you will find the Maiden NPC. Kill her, and you will gain access to the precious Maiden’s blood.

How to obtain Maiden’s Blood

1. Killing the Maiden NPC is the most common way to obtain Maiden’s Blood. It is a risky process, as they are protected by powerful enemies, but it is also the most straightforward method.

2. The second way to acquire the blood is by invading other player’s games. You can invade players that hold Maiden’s Blood, and defeating them will grant you access to their inventory.

3. A third way is to trade with an NPC. Baba Yaga has a stock of Maiden’s Blood that players can purchase from her. However, players must be sure to have enough in-game currency to trade with her.


Maiden’s Blood is a vital resource for players of Elden Ring to master the game’s magical abilities. Although difficult to find, it is worth the effort to have in a player’s inventory. By knowing where to look and how to acquire it, you will be able to harness its power and dominate in the game.


1. What is Maiden’s Blood?

Maiden’s Blood is a rare resource in Elden Ring that is used to enhance magical abilities.

2. Where can I find Maiden’s Blood?

Maiden’s Blood is found in three locations in Elden Ring: the Forest of the Lost, Tower of Latria, and Valley of Defilement.

3. How do I obtain Maiden’s Blood?

The most common way to get Maiden’s Blood is by killing the Maiden NPC. Alternatively, you can invade other player’s games, or trade with an NPC.

4. Is Maiden’s Blood essential to gameplay?

Although not necessary to complete the game, having Maiden’s Blood gives players an advantage in enhancing their magical abilities.

5. Are there any alternatives to Maiden’s Blood?

While there are alternative resources, Maiden’s Blood remains the most effective in enhancing magical abilities in Elden Ring.

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