Unlock the Lucrative World of AI Art: Top Platforms to Sell Your Masterpieces

Unlock the Lucrative World of AI Art: Top Platforms to Sell Your Masterpieces

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and art are two concepts that may seem worlds apart. However, with advancements in technology, artists are able to create masterpieces using AI. The use of AI in creating art is not only exciting but also profitable. As an artist wondering how to make the most out of this new trend, this article is for you. We shall highlight some of the best platforms to sell your AI-generated artwork.

1. Artrendex

Artrendex is a platform that uses AI to analyze art styles and patterns. This analysis allows the platform to suggest artwork to collectors according to their preferences. For artists, the platform is a great avenue to showcase their AI art pieces. Artrendex’s audience is primarily composed of wealthy art collectors, and the platform’s commission rates are favorable.

2. Artomatix

Artomatix is a creative tool that uses AI to generate artwork. The platform allows artists to create unique pieces easily, and the final products can be sold on the platform. Artomatix also provides a feature that allows artists to alter or edit their creations to make them more marketable.

3. SingularityNET

SingularityNET is one of the leading platforms for AI art. The platform provides a decentralized network where artists can sell their AI-generated artwork. SingularityNET attracts a large audience, and artists can receive payments in cryptocurrencies.

4. Cognitives.io

Cognitives.io is a platform that uses AI to create physical art pieces. The platform creates unique pieces that can be sold to art collectors. Cognitives.io provides a reliable shipping service and a secure payment system.

5. GANBreeder

GANBreeder is a creative tool that allows artists to create unique AI-generated pieces. The platform provides a wide range of customization options, making it a suitable platform for artists who want to experiment with different elements of art. The platform also provides a selling feature, where artists can sell their creations to collectors.


The integration of AI in art has revolutionized the art world, creating a new and lucrative niche for artists. As an AI artist, utilizing the various platforms that provide a marketplace for AI-generated artwork is a smart move. With the above-listed platforms, you can showcase your creations and reach a wide audience.


1. Do I need to be an AI expert to use these platforms?

No. The platforms provide tools that one can easily use to generate AI art pieces.

2. What commission do the platforms take?

It varies with each platform, but the commission rates are favorable.

3. Can I edit my AI art piece before selling it?

Yes. The platforms provide editing tools that can be used to make the artwork more marketable.

4. How do I receive payments from the platforms?

Most platforms provide a secure payment transaction method, and payments can be received via PayPal, credit cards, or cryptocurrencies.

5. Can I sell my physical AI-generated art pieces on these platforms?

Yes, some platforms, such as Cognitives.io, create physical pieces that can be sold to collectors.

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