Unlock Rare Mystical Shells in Pokemon Quest with this Easy Hack

Unlock Rare Mystical Shells in Pokemon Quest with this Easy Hack

Do you want to add some rare and mystical shells to your collection in Pokemon Quest? If yes, then you have come to the right place. In this article, I will share an easy hack to unlock rare and mystical shells in the game.

Mystical shells in Pokemon Quest are important as they can be used to attract and recruit more powerful Pokemon. These shells are also crucial in upgrading your base camp to attract more Pokemon. However, obtaining these shells can be quite challenging.

Fortunately, there is a trick to get your hands on these rare shells effortlessly. Here are the details of the hack:

Step 1: Choose the Right Recipe
Planning the right recipe is key to getting the precious mystical shells. Choosing the correct combination of food for the Pokemon you want to attract is crucial. Select a recipe that includes ingredients like mystical shells, rainbow matter, and honey.

Step 2: Play in the Secret Stages
Secret stages are hidden levels that unlock as you keep on playing and clearing stages in the game. These stages have a higher chance of dropping rare items, including mystical shells. Play these levels often to earn more shells.

Step 3: Invite More Players to your Base Camp
Unlocking certain Pokemon requires a higher rating for your base camp. To increase your rating, you need to recruit more players to your base camp. By using the Friend Search option, you can invite players to join your base camp. This will increase your rating and improve your chances of obtaining mystical shells.

Step 4: Use the Auto-Play Feature
After completing a stage or a secret stage, you can use the Auto-Play feature to replay the same level. The benefit of using this feature is that it increases your chances of getting rare items, such as mystical shells.

Unlocking rare mystical shells in Pokemon Quest can be challenging for many players. However, by following the above steps, you can increase your chances of obtaining these precious items without much hassle. Plan the right recipe, play in secret stages, invite more players to your base camp, and use the Auto-Play feature to increase your chances of obtaining mystical shells.


1. How rare are mystical shells in Pokemon Quest?
Mystical shells are rare items in Pokemon Quest. They are crucial in recruiting and upgrading Pokemon in the game.

2. Can I buy mystical shells in the game?
No, mystical shells cannot be purchased in the game. They can only be obtained by playing the game, following the correct recipe, and playing in secret stages.

3. Can I use mystical shells more than once?
Yes, mystical shells can be reused to attract and recruit multiple Pokemon.

4. What are the rewards of playing in secret stages?
Secret stages have higher chances of dropping rare items, trophies, and cooking ingredients in the game.

5. How many players can I invite to my base camp?
You can invite up to 30 players to your base camp to increase your rating in the game.

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